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Fotografia Europea is an international cultural festival dedicated to contemporary photography. Born in 2006, it is promoted by Palazzo Magnani Foundation and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, BJCEM member.
Among the planned exhibitions there is “Saggio sulla cecità“, curated by Daniele De Luca, presenting the works created as part of the residences supported by BJCEM in 2016 through the project “Mediterranea Youth Photo”. The works are “The Death of Tiresias” by Federica Landi, “L’autre rive” by Emeric Lhuisset and “The middle sea” by Ana Caterina Pinho.

Opening April 20 h.19 @Spazio U30CINQUE, piazza Scapinelli 42121 Reggio Emilia | The exhibition is open until June 17.

International Summer School on Migration and Asylum: Labour Integration of Migrants and Refugees

BJCEM is media partner of the International Summer School on Migration and Asylum: Labour Integration of Migrants and Refugees, a project by Africa e Mediterraneo. The new edition will focus on the integration of migrants and refugees into the EU labour market. The ideal candidates for the Summer School are Masters students, researchers, journalists, experts and social workers working in the field of migration and communication.The deadline for applying is June 15th 2018.


12th edition of ARTEFATTO_SEEtheSEA | The call is OPEN

Artefatto is a project managed by PAG — Progetto Area Giovani (Youth Projects) of Municipality of Trieste, to promote creativity and mobility of young artists. 

The call is aimed at selecting 4 street artists / under 30 who will be invited to city of Trieste for two periods of one week each (from 19 to 25 March and 21 to 27 May 2018). The young artists will design and carry out their works coordinated by the artistic curator Mattia Campo Dall’Orto (who participated to Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale).The artistic projects must be inspired by the sea, an element that is profoundly associated with the city of Trieste, and which has influenced its history, urban planning and “character”. 


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RE-SOUND | The call is OPEN

The Conservatory "C. Pollini ", in collaboration with the Youth Project Office of the Municipality of Padova, promotes the call" RE-SOUND ", addressed to artists of all ages and nationalities, and in particular to young creative people under 35.

The call was born with the aim of enhancing youth creativity in particular in the fields of visual arts, music and multimedia.

RE-SOUND intends to explore the current production paths, observation points, and experimental prospects through which young sound artists and video artists investigate reality and/or imaginary.


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Lasciare il segno — Percorsi di integrazione attraverso il fumetto

Mercoledì 13 dicembre, alle ore 17, vi aspettiamo alla Fabbrica del Vapore (Sala Colonne) per la presentazione dei risultati del progetto "Lasciare il segno", realizzato da BJCEM con l'associazione Africa e Mediterraneo e il contributo del Comune di Milano. Sarà possibile incontrare i giovani artisti e studenti coinvolti, vedere le opere realizzate nel corso dei laboratori e seguire il dibattito "Il fumetto come strumento per raccontare la migrazione e il contemporaneo” animato da Marta Meloni, Federico Amico, Gianluca Costantini e Federico Manzone.
A fine serata sarà offerto un piccolo rinfresco. Vi aspettiamo!

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Torino/Paris/Torino, an "Aperò" in Paris, organized by BJCEM member The Window, with Catherine Bay, Krista Eirene Mikkola and Simona Amelotti.
With the participation of Cristina Pistoletto.
December 13, h.19 @The Window, 1 Rue Gustave Goublier, Paris.


The theme of the 12th edition of ARTEFATTO (a project managed by Youth Projects Sector of the Municipality of Trieste) is SeetheSea. The aim of the call is to promote creativity and mobility of young artists from Italy or other European countries, aged between 18 and 30. DEADLINE DECEMBER 15, 2017.

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Riflessi e Nodi Liberi: selezione di cinque giovani artisti.
L'associazione culturale settimopiano_ALIA (arts and landscape international association) propone un workshop gratuito rivolto a 5 giovani artisti under 35, con il Maestro Achille Pace e Maria Bellante, al fine di discutere sulle prospettive odierne dell'arte contemporanea. DEADLINE 15 DICEMBRE.

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