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12th edition of ARTEFATTO_SEEtheSEA | The call is OPEN

Artefatto is a project managed by PAG — Progetto Area Giovani (Youth Projects) of Municipality of Trieste, to promote creativity and mobility of young artists. 

The call is aimed at selecting 4 street artists / under 30 who will be invited to city of Trieste for two periods of one week each (from 19 to 25 March and 21 to 27 May 2018). The young artists will design and carry out their works coordinated by the artistic curator Mattia Campo Dall’Orto (who participated to Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale).The artistic projects must be inspired by the sea, an element that is profoundly associated with the city of Trieste, and which has influenced its history, urban planning and “character”. 


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RE-SOUND | The call is OPEN

The Conservatory "C. Pollini ", in collaboration with the Youth Project Office of the Municipality of Padova, promotes the call" RE-SOUND ", addressed to artists of all ages and nationalities, and in particular to young creative people under 35.

The call was born with the aim of enhancing youth creativity in particular in the fields of visual arts, music and multimedia.

RE-SOUND intends to explore the current production paths, observation points, and experimental prospects through which young sound artists and video artists investigate reality and/or imaginary.


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