The course requires students to carry out an internship period of 200 hours, since teacher training requires that the theoretical study path be accompanied by significant moments of "situation" learning, in which the student is confronted with the complex world of professional knowledge that emerges daily in teaching practice.

The internship will be introduced, on the first day of class, by Professor Luigi Guerra who will present the students with the objectives of the internship itself and how to achieve it. Each trainee will be supported by a welcoming teacher and an assigned university tutor.

For each internship, an internship project must be agreed between the intern and the university tutor, which must be carried out in a school; San Marino school managers have been informed of this need, but if availability is not found in the area, the Department will contact the institutes of the neighboring provinces.

The internship hours are 200 in total, of which 175 are real presence in the class/s that welcome the intern. The remaining 25 hours include:

  • the time required for meetings (at least three) with the internship tutors;
  • the time required for meetings with the welcoming teacher or class council;
  • the time agreed with the tutor to prepare the material that the trainee will present to the class(ies);