Governing bodies


Prof. Corrado Petrocelli

Vice Rector

Prof. Luigi Guerra

Academic Senate

Prof. Corrado Petrocelli — Rector

Department representatives
Historical and Legal Department
Prof. Luciano Canfora
Prof. Roberto Mugavero
Prof. Luca Gorgolini

Department of Human Sciences
Prof. Luigi Guerra
Prof. Giacomo Stella
Prof. Patrizia Violi

Department of Economics, Science, Engineering and Design
Prof. Anna Corradi
Prof. Angelo Marcello Tarantino
Prof. Riccardo Varini

Technical Administrative Personnel Representative
Dr. Maddalena Lonfernini

Student Representatives Academic Senate
Luca Donati

University Council

Prof. Corrado Petrocelli — Rector

Prof. Laura Gobbi- General Manager
Prof. Claudia Gasperoni – Member designated by the Great and General Council
Stefano Ciacci – Member designated by the Great and General Council
Prof. Leonardo Tagliente — Department of Economics, Science, Engineering and Design (DESID)
Prof. Paolo Butti de Lima — Historical and Legal Department (DSG)
Dr. Sebastiano Bastianelli — Department of Human Sciences (DSU)

Technical Administrative Personnel Representative
Dr. Romina Cecchetti

Student representative
Nicolas Guerri

Rector delegates

Prof. Michele Bacciocchi delegate for policies and initiatives relating to environmental sustainability and delegate for Research, Technical Scientific Sector.

Prof. Massimo Brignoni delegated to activities relating to the Third Mission, Patents, Spin-offs, Start-Ups and Third Party Accounts.

Prof. Michele Chiaruzzi delegate for International Relations with university associations and with the bodies of the European Community and the United Nations for international university cooperation.

Prof. Maria Elena D'Amelio delegated for International Relations as well as coordination of activities with the NUSCT.

Prof. Silvia Gasparotto delegate for Orientation Policies. From 2020 permanent delegate for CLUST-ER Emilia-Romagna Assembly.

Prof. Luca Gorgolini delegate for Research, Humanities sector.

Prof. Luigi Guerra delegated to coordinate, monitor and promote educational activities.

Prof. Roberto Mugavero delegated to supervise the activities of the IT systems as well as contact person for the Websites.

Prof. Paolo Pascucci delegate for the supervision of litigation and legal issues.

Prof. Pietro Renzi delegate for statistics and activities related to data processing

Prof. Nicolò Scuderi delegated to coordinate and monitor activities relating to healthcare.

Dr. Silvia Stefanelli delegated to supervise and coordinate all initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the full inclusion of students with specific developmental disorders and disabilities.

Prof. Leonardo Tagliente responsible for financial statements and relations with companies. He represents the Rector in the assemblies of the RSM Chamber of Commerce.

Prof. Riccardo Varini delegate for Relations with Secretariats and Local Authorities.

Prof. Karen Venturini delegated to project activities concerning the Innovation Sector, as well as activities and initiatives in relation to the affiliation with BJCEM.