Specialization Course in Managerial Practices in Public Administration

Organized in agreement with the University of Urbino Carlo Bo.

The Specialization Course and the II level University Master in Management practices in public administration they propose to respond to the need, particularly felt in the San Marino society, to activate specific training courses aimed at promoting the introduction in the public administration of management logics based, in addition to the necessary respect for legality, on managerial criteria, as such capable to have a greater impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative action.

In the awareness that the attempt to effectively adopt managerial action logics in the public administration is often hindered by problems of a different nature - which are accentuated when one attempts to mechanically and uncritically transfer managerial experiences and good practices from the context of private companies to the public sector -, the training initiative in question pursues the aim of "calibrating", starting from both the literature and the direct experiences of corporate witnesses, the managerial role and systems of governance of organizations in the light of the specificities of public organizations, also taking into account the constraints present in them.

Participants will therefore play an active and primary role, within the training course, as they will be required, also through the development of a project work, to select and apply in their working realities the managerial approaches (methodologies, systems, management styles) that will be the subject of the various modules.

Structure of the training offer

In consideration of the presumable need of those who already work in the San Marino public administration to reconcile the attendance of training activities with the performance of work, the training offer is structured on two different levels, interpenetrating with each other:

  1. the first level corresponds to a Specialization course lasting 300 hours (including 80 hours of lectures, individual study, project work and final exam) for a total of 12 ECTS;
  2. the second level corresponds to a II level University Master lasting a total of 1.500 hours (including lectures, distance learning, individual study, project work and final exam) for a total of 60 credits.

The two levels interpenetrate one into the other according to a "Chinese box" model, in the sense that the frontal teaching of the Specialization Course constitutes the first part of the frontal teaching of the University Master's Degree: it follows that those enrolled in one and to the other course of study attend the frontal lessons together, it being understood that, once the didactics of their competence have been completed, those enrolled in the Specialization Course arrive at their final exam obtaining the Specialization Diploma, while those enrolled in the University Master continue and complete their educational path up to graduation.

The main teaching modules are present in both degree programmes, obviously with a different level of detail.

There is the possibility for those enrolled in the Specialization Course, provided they possess the required qualification, to "transfer" to the University Master course before obtaining the Specialization Diploma.


The offer is intended for managers and officials of the San Marino public administration, graduates with adequate work experience interested in professional development in the San Marino public administration and/or in other public administrations.

Considering San Marino's limited potential catchment area, in order to prefigure a training offer capable of having medium/long-term prospects, it seems appropriate not to limit the sphere of participants only to San Marino citizens/residents - who are obviously the first recipients of the training proposal - , but also to citizens of other countries interested in acquiring an excellent training that can be spent in other realities.

They can access the Specialization course citizens of Italy, San Marino and other countries in possession of at least a three-year degree issued by a legally recognized university.

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