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The bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, organized by the University of San Marino in collaboration with Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, provides you with advanced conceptual and practical tools to understand contemporary communication applied to digital media and networks. The course combines the disciplines of communication with the practical knowledge on digital technologies and their use to develop new forms of transmedia communication. It is an innovative training model inspired by the best US and European universities, and it is taught by an interdisciplinary team of professors from both humanistic and IT fields. Workshops and a curricular training guarantee a truly professional training offer.

Communication and Digital Media is an accredited degree programme. After completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Bachelor's degree.

The bachelor in Communication and Digital Media provides an answer to the most current demand from the communication market – both nationally and internationally – in search of young graduates in humanistic disciplines who are able to use digital communication technologies and interact consciously and strategically with IT technicians, engineers and programmers. To this end, the didactic plan provides you with the skills to understand the production, distribution, and use of information of social media platforms, and gives you the professional training to design communication strategies for digital media and the Internet efficiently and effectively.

The BA is a joint degree between the University of San Marino and the University of Bologna.

After completing the three-year bachelor degree in Communication and Digital Media, students can apply to Italian and international master's degrees.

The most requested professional profiles are:


account manager
Brand strategist
Community manager
Digital account sales
digital analyst

Digital marketers
Digital media editor
Digital strategist
Editorial content specialist
Project manager
Sales accounts

SEO and SEM specialist
Social media manager
Social media strategist
Content marketing manager
Content strategist

Communication and Digital Media - Study programme