In accordance with the regulatory provisions which provide for a first level degree for all freelancers enrolled in professional registers in the territory of the European Union (European Union Official Journal of 16 July 2012 2014/C 226/02), the University of Studies of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, has activated, since the 2017-18 academic year, the three-year degree course in "Construction and land management". The course is part of the professionally oriented degree class established by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research "L-P01: Technical professions for building and the territory" (DM 446/2020).

The course includes the curricular internship period necessary for professional training. Following the recent Law of 8 November 2021, n.163, the graduate of the Construction and Land Management course is automatically enabled to practice the profession in San Marino, Italy and in all the member states of the European Union (such as required in terms of intermediate professions by the European directive 2005/36/CE). Obviously, graduates can also find employment as an employee of companies and enterprises, both public and private.


  1. To obtain a title, recognized in Italy and in Europe, which allows you to undertake the profession of Graduated Surveyor.
  2. For the high quality of the teachers, many of whom collaborate with highly prestigious Italian and international universities.
  3. To acquire professionalizing skills, indispensable for operating as qualified professionals in the field of construction and land management.
  4. For the possibility of coming into contact with professional realities at a local and international level during the course of study.
  5. For the excellent student-teacher ratio, favored by the presence of tutors. Tutoring represents an important service, to support students during their training.
  6. To live the university experience in a unique context within a small state with a millenary tradition, known for its independence and hospitality.

The course takes the form of a specific training course for graduated surveyors, with a highly professionalizing study plan. The course was born from a close collaboration with the National Surveyors' College, in order to create a professional figure who can immediately and fully enter the world of work according to the new European standards.

The course awards the title of doctor in construction and land management. The title is valid in San Marino, in Italy and in the European Union.

The course of study is aimed at training professionals able to operate in the public and private sectors, in the following areas:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Recovery and redevelopment of buildings
  • Design, evaluation and construction of eco-compatible buildings
  • Measurement, representation and protection of the territory
  • Valuation of real estate
  • Management and coordination of companies and construction sites
  • Safety and health in workplaces, schools and private homes
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency

High school graduates or those in possession of another equivalent qualification obtained abroad can enroll.

The Degree Course for Surveyors represents a path aimed at training professionals able to operate in three main areas:

  • construction, urban planning and the environment where the Graduate Surveyor is characterized by the multiplicity of acquired skills, to be put in place in services such as the design, management and accounting of the works, as well as testing and safety coordination in all the phases involved. This also extends to services such as property management and energy certification.
  • appraisal and expert activity where the Graduate Surveyor can put into practice what he learned during the training course for consultancy ranging from the evaluation of the market value of the properties, to the technical-normative assistance, indispensable both for private citizens in judicial disputes and out-of-court, both for companies awarded public or private procurement contracts.
  • geomatics and cadastral activity where the Graduate Surveyor applies the skills acquired by carrying out activities such as the survey of buildings and the graphic rendering of floor plans, as well as the tracing of infrastructural works such as, for example, road, hydraulic and railway layouts.

To date, lessons are provided in streaming mode in the following locations:
  • at the ITE Agostino Bassi in Lodi;
  • at the Como office.
  • at the headquarters of the College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors of the Province of Mantua.
  • at the Sondrio headquarters.

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"Agostino Bassi" Technical Economic Institute of Lodi