Cohort 2021-2022

Study Plan for students enrolled in the 2021-2022 academic year

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First year

First semester

Mathematical Analysis I, Chiara Giacomoni SSD MAT/05 - CFU 9

Business economicsBarbara Bigliardi SSD ING-IND/35 – CFU 9

general physics i, Andrea Baraldi SSD FIS/01 - CFU 9

Second semester

Chemical industryAnna Corradi SSD CHIM/07 – CFU 6

GeometryMaria Belen Giacomone SSD MAT/03 - CFU 9

Statistics for business management, Alberto Franci SSD SECS-S/02 – CFU 9

English language B1Alison Rachel Bron SSD L-LIN/12 – CFU 3

Second year

First semester

Elective examsCFU 6

Technical physics and energy systemsMauro Alessandro Corticelli SSD ING-IND/11 – CFU 9

Industrial design principles, Fabrizio Moroni, SSD ING-InD/14 – CFU 6

Industrial design principles, Fabrizio Moroni, SSD ING-INF/05 – CFU 3

Internal/external internship, CFU 6

Second semester

Mathematical analysis IIMassimo Cicognani SSD MAT/05 - CFU 6

Economics and marketing institutionsLeonardo Tagliente SSD ING-IND/35 – CFU 9

Management optimization methodsLorenzo Nicolodi SSD MAT/03 - CFU 6

Manufacturing technologies and studies, Roberto Groppetti SSD ING-IND/16 – CFU 9

Third year

First semester

Elective exams, CFU 6

Business management and organisation, Alberto Petroni, SSD ING-IND/35 – CFU 9

Industrial plantsRoberto Montanari SSD ING-IND/17 – CFU 12

Business decision support systems, Davide Mezzogori, SSD ING-INF/03 – CFU 6

Second semester

Production managementSSD ING-IND/17 – CFU 9

Industrial logisticsSSD ING-IND/17 – CFU 12

Information systems for managementSSD ING-IND/35 + ING-INF/05 – CFU 9

Final exam (at UNIRSM)CFU 3


The lessons of the second semester of the third year will be held at the University of Parma.