The University of the Republic of San Marino adopts some online tools for the 'provision of services. The systems adopted can be dedicated to and students or to teachers, or they can provide diversified interfaces for the two users. For each system the function and use are explained.

Student services

The University of the Republic of San Marino adopts as a system for i secretarial services the ESSE3 platform. This platform is also the one useful for managing the reservations for the exams of the Degree Courses.

How to register for the exam:

  • access the online counter left clicking on login and enter the correct ones user id e Password;
  • select "Appeals";
  • follow the system instructions until the registration is confirmed.

Registration for the second sessions will be online from the date of the first session.

How to unsubscribe from the exam

The student must:

  • access the reserved area by clicking on the left login and enter the correct ones user id Password;
  • select the "reservation notice board" link in the Exams section;
  • select the "delete" icon present in the row of the desired teaching.

It is possible to cancel the exam booking only in the period in which the exam registration is open.

Note Exam registration lists always close 2 working days before the session.

Any problems and/or errors encountered in the computer system must be promptly reported to the Student Secretariat by sending an e-mail to the address

Teacher area

Please note that the subscription lists always end two working days before the exam date and that it is possible to know the number of students by following the procedure below:

  • click on online desk
    click on Exams and then Exam notice board
    select Faculty: DESD Department of Economics, Science and Law
    select the course of study: IG02 Management Engineering
    select the teaching activity
    start search

The degree course uses the Sharepoint e-learning platform for the distribution of teaching material to students.
Access to the platform is guaranteed to all users with a university account.
The initial screen shows on the left the sections to which the teacher can access. The section dedicated to your course can be reached by navigating through the menu.
In the section dedicated to your course, you will find the "Didactic Materials" collection, where you can insert files to share with students. Files can be managed as in a normal tree structure, with the ability to create folders and subfolders.
Inserting files or creating folders is obtained using the buttons in the navigation bar "Load Document" (or "Add Document") and "New Folder".
For the activation of the course or for any technical problem it is necessary to send an e-mail to the address

The timetable is proposed by the teaching coordinator, after evaluating the requests and availability of individual teachers. Any changes to the timetable can be communicated via e-mail to the address

Time changes will be communicated via notice on the website.

In accordance with the provisions of the University of Modena, each professor must indicate, at the end of the lesson period, at least 2 exam dates, in the corresponding exam session and at least 1 exam session in subsequent sessions. Teachers will be able to give their own indications using the form at the link in the Resource Box and, having assessed compatibility and overlaps, the teaching coordinator will publish the exam calendar on the degree course website.
The Student Secretariat will take care of the computerized management of appeals and deliver, on the day of the exam, the pre-compiled paper reports for each student.
At the end of the exam day, the teacher will deliver the paper report to the Secretariat even if the exam will have to continue in the following days.