Organized jointly by the Universities of San Marino and Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Master in Techniques for the Re-education of Specific Learning Disorders is aimed at professionals from different disciplines, such as speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, educators, teachers.

He means  highly qualified training the various professional figures to enable them to provide treatment and prevention interventions in the context of specific learning disorders, both to individual users and to educational institutions.

The lessons involve academics, clinicians and rehabilitation specialists. The training takes place for 2 weekends a month in mixed mode (online and/or in presence) and is divided into two parts, a general module and a technical-application module.

  • To acquire practical theoretical knowledge on the pathophysiology of learning processes in the developmental age.
  • Discuss the rehabilitation techniques more useful for recovering from difficulties.
  • Present the most current IT and technological tools of learning support.
  • The ability to build a work plan for upgrading a skill.
  • Ability to build a rehabilitation project and to verify its effectiveness.

Degree (three-year, specialist, master's degree, old system, equivalent qualification)

Reserved for graduates in:

  • Psychology class L/24
  • Health Professions of Rehabilitation class L/SNT02
  • Sciences of education and training class L19
  • Pedagogical Sciences LM85 and Primary Education Sciences LM85 bis

The course will release the title in FIRST LEVEL UNIVERSITY MASTER (60)jointly by the Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of San Marino. The release of the Master's title is subject to the acquisition of 60 university credits (CFU) equal to 1500 hours and the passing of the profit checks and the final exam. It will also be mandatory to carry out internship activities.