21st edition Master in Communication, Management and New Media - two-year period 2023-24 and 2024-25

The Master, jointly organized by theUniversity of the Republic of San Marino and by 'Bologna University, is a two-year post-graduate course that offers an opportunity for cultural growth and technical-specialist training on professional communication.

First of all, the lessons explore the fundamental problems and methodologies of the world of contemporary communication. Each theme is then applied to the reality of companies and professions, with guided exercises, text analysis, demonstrations, video presentations, recordings, multimedia examples.

The Master in Communication, Management and New Media releases 60 university educational credits (CFU) and is divided into two annual training cycles with part-time attendance.

The Master aims to offer training that is broad and technical-specialist at the same time contemporary professional communication and business management.

After attending the lessons and passing the final test, the students achieve the first level Master's degree in Communication, Management and New Media. The title, issued jointly by the University of San Marino and the University of Bologna, is equivalent to 60 university training credits (see MIUR decree 3 November 1999, n. 509).

  1. To live an experience of great personal growth, Over which professional, confronting with professors from various universities and interacting with professionals, entrepreneurs and managers in the sector.
  2. To find out the importance of share experiences different together with the other students and teachers and of enrich themselves in mutual understanding, in enhancement of differences and in teamwork.
  3. To search business opportunities e design technologies, products, services and events destined to become economic successes also thanks to the management of the relationship with the customers.
  4. To experience the close interweaving between project activitiestheoretical, scientific and humanistic knowledgetechnical-operational skills and creativity.
  5. know women and men who with passion e determination they chose to build the foundations of the future world.
  6. obtain a master's degree with legal value in Europe and Italy, issued by two public universities, the University of San Marino and the University of Bologna.
  7. To enjoy the millenary tradition of autonomy and hospitality of the small Republic of San Marino, a short distance from urban centers such as Bologna, Rimini, Pesaro and Ancona.

The recipients are freelancers, entrepreneurs and managers of private companies, employees, officials and executives of the public administration and anyone who is interested, for personal or work reasons, in the topics of professional communication.

The number of places available and of 30 members graduates.

entry requirements they are: three-year degree under the new system or degree under the old system.

They are also allowed to participate 5 auditors non-graduates, with at least 5 years of certified professional experience in the world of communication.

I foreign academic qualifications must be translated, legalized and accompanied by a declaration of value by the competent Italian diplomatic missions.

At the end of the course, the Masters graduates will be able to develop integrated communication strategies for the company or structure where they will work as specialists in professional communication and business management, with technical skills in communication strategies on the Web, Digital Media and Networks.

Thanks to solid methodological and theoretical foundations, they will be able to accomplish industry analysis systematic and in-depth, managing to identify the necessary resources and techniques, for example, allo development of communication plans, corporate communication campaigns, integrated image management, identification and resolution of critical areas, optimization and innovation in communication processes.

They will also be able to handle the internal corporate communication and to interact effectively, efficiently and competently with the communication agencies that the company or structure addresses.