Communication, Management and New MediaIntermediate and final exams

Intermediate and final exams

Intermediate test

By the end of the first year the production of the is required First year paper.

The choice of the topic must mature on the basis of the structure of the training offer of the master and the preferences shown by the student towards certain groups of disciplines.

The Master's teaching tutor supports the students in preparing the thesis and suggests useful tools for research and for drafting the paper.

Final test

At the end of the second year students must submit a Group project work.

The project that is assigned to the groups during the Master may concern the analysis of the coordinated image of a company, the executive project of a website, the reorganization project of a company's internal communication, etc.

The Master's final thesis collects the results of the research carried out for the Business games, a contest between the different working groups. Individual students contribute to the drafting of one or more chapters of the work group's work.