UNIRSM News Petrocelli towards the inauguration of the Academic Year: "The University grows thanks to international initiatives that have roots here"

Petrocelli towards the inauguration of the Academic Year: "The University grows thanks to international initiatives that have roots here"

Tomorrow at 15 pm the ceremony together with the jurist Giuliano Amato, president emeritus of the Constitutional Court

“An afternoon dedicated to knowledge and culture, organized by a company mainly engaged in research and training, to listen to one of the most expert and established Italian jurists, on the one hand, and on the other take stock of the activities we have made on Titan and beyond.”

The Rector of the University of the Republic of San Marino, Corrado Petrocelli, describes with these words the meaning and scope of the inauguration ceremony of the 2023-2024 Academic Year scheduled for Wednesday 27 March at 15 pm at the Kursaal Congress Center, with the lectio magistralis entrusted to Giuliano Amato.

For Petrocelli, as per tradition, it will be the opportunity to go on stage and describe the impact, stature and vocation of the initiatives that have engaged the University of San Marino on multiple fronts in the last twelve months, inside and outside the classrooms , in the territory and beyond the Italian borders: "Alongside lessons, laboratories, workshops, seminars and internships aimed at students of our degree courses, as well as excellent in-depth studies carried out in the framework of doctorates, numerous studies developed by teachers have established themselves and collaborators in the field of Civil and Management Engineering, Design and Communication, involving bodies, institutions, private companies and other prestigious entities. Added to this - continues the Rector - are even broader initiatives capable of broadening our horizons thanks to projects that have roots here and have been able to establish themselves throughout the peninsula and beyond. I am thinking, for example, of the research on the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's that we are supporting, led by a San Marino scholar based in England. Or at international competitions in which our students represented the republic in the world. The list – comments Petrocelli – is really long”.

During the ceremony, in addition to the Rector's speech, there was space for the lectio magistralis given by Giuliano Amato, entitled "The difficult democracy of our time and the Italian Constitution".

The presence of the jurist, president emeritus of the Italian Constitutional Court and protagonist of a political career which saw him play the role of Prime Minister and Minister, increases the prestige of the personalities recently hosted by the University of San Marino: among them the historian Alessandro Barbero, the philosopher Maurizio Viroli and the former director of the Corriere della Sera Ferruccio De Bortoli.