School Council

The organization of the School's courses is supervised by a board, made up of:

  • Paul Pascucci – Director of the Legal Institute – Director of the School
  • Paolo Morozzo DellaRocca – Director of the Department of Law of Urbino
  • Laura DiBona – Representative for the Tribunal
  • Francesco Caprioli – Representative for the Tribunal
  • Maria De Angelis – Head of jurisprudential research of the IGS
  • Antonella Bonelli – Representative designated by the Order of Lawyers and Notaries
  • Marco Stolfi – Representative designated by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts
  • Manuel Canti – DGFP
  • Simona Capicchioni – Coordinator – Secretary of the Scientific Council of the School.

The School Council deliberates annually on the appointment of teachers, on the proposal of the Director.

The Management of the School is based at the San Marino Legal Institute
Via Salita alla Rocca, 44 - 47890 San Marino.