School Calendar for Legal and Economic Professions 2023-2024 (last modified 09/07/2024)

Lessons are held on Fridays from 15pm to 19pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 13pm, with 1-2 monthly appointments. Any changes to the timetable are indicated in the calendar.

Compulsory lessons for trainee lawyers are marked with an asterisk * in the calendar (only 7 of the marked lessons can be attended free of charge for trainees)

The duration of the course is one year and corresponds to the time frame of the academic year.

Lessons will take place on weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) at the headquarters of the San Marino Legal Institute, in Salita alla Rocca 44, San Marino City and online on the Microsoft Teams educational platform.

Note: In some exceptional cases, forewarned, one of the lessons of the module could be postponed to Saturday afternoon.

The courses will end with the elaboration and discussion of an individual paper on one of the topics covered, for which a semester of individual study is foreseen.

Those who obtain a positive result in the final interview, the School issues the title of "Advanced training for the profession of Lawyer and Notary" or "Advanced training for the Profession of Accountant and Accounting Expert".

Attendance at least 75% of the lessons held is required for admission to the final interview.

At the end of the courses it will be released to subscribers who have fulfilled the required teaching obligations, including the drafting of the final thesis, a Diploma jointly signed by the Academic Authorities of the "Carlo Bo" Universities of Urbino and San Marino.

At the course they are recognized 40 credits.

To the listeners and those who are not in a position to obtain the diploma will in any case be issued a certificate of attendance.

To those attending the individual modules, and in any case to the applicants who need it, a valid certificate will be issued for the purposes of continuous training.

* The courses of the School entitle to the acquisition of training credits for the purpose of continuing professional training for members of the Register of Lawyers and Notaries, for members of the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, for members of the ODCEC Trainee Register, and for those enrolled in the Register of Auditors of the Republic of San Marino and in the Register of Italian Lawyers and Notaries.

Teaching subjects

Constitutional right; Civil right; Civil Procedure; Criminal law; Criminal Procedure Law; Private international law; Administrative law; Commercial law; Labor law; Tax law; International taxation; insolvency proceedings; Notarial activity; Business Accounting; State and Public Bodies Accounting; Principles and discipline of the Audit.

Teaching methodology

The classic lectures will be accompanied by seminars and practical exercises. The teaching will be inspired as much as possible by the teaching according to which "law is a practical science for the solution of practical problems", so that the casuistic-problematic method will be privileged.


Deadline for completing the final specialization thesis:

Deposit of the title: by 10 December 2022

Thesis submission: by 14 March 2023

Discussion of the thesis: 14 April 2023

The thesis must have a minimum of about 50 folders. Attached is the facsimile of the title page.

Download thesis title page

The paper must be delivered to the Institute exclusively in PDF format to be sent by email to


  1. FOLDERS: 50
  3. FONT SIZE: 12
  4. SPACING: 1 ½

The thesis is compulsory for regular students who have attended the entire course and are in possession of a degree (joint San Marino – Urbino certificate) and for accountants who aspire to obtain the final certification from the University of San Marino. 

Auditors who have attended a part of the course (only the general or disciplinary one) or sporadic modules can request the attendance certificate via email.