Description and purpose

The course aims to provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of San Marino law in all its branches. To this end, it ensures, on the one hand, the achievement of adequate preparation for the state exam for qualification to the professions of Lawyer, Notary and Chartered Accountant, and on the other hand, constant professional updating not only for San Marino professionals who operate in the territory of the Republic as a lawyer, notary, chartered accountant and expert accountant, but also as Italian professional correspondents who find themselves dealing on a daily basis with individuals or San Marino companies.


The course is reserved for graduates in possession of the following qualifications: – Four-year degree diploma (old system), single-cycle master's degree diploma, master's degree or two-year specialist degree in law and business economics study classes.

The participation of auditors is allowed, up to a maximum of ten, including non-graduates, but in possession of a qualification that allows access to the profession (accountant, expert accountant) or with proven professional experience. The relevance of the professional experience certified by the candidates will be established by the Commission of selection



In partnership with the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" - Department of Law.

In collaboration with the professional Orders of Lawyers and Notaries and of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of the Republic of San Marino.

With the recognition of Professional Orders of Lawyers and Notaries and of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of the Republic of San Marino for the purposes of in-service training of professionals and the training of those enrolled in the Register of trainees, to the extent of 1 credit for each hour of lesson;

The CNF dated with provision n. 25 October 2021 resolved: to grant accreditation to the extent of no. 20 training credits relating to the following editions: n. 20 training credits for participation in the entire course or n. 1 credit card for each of the autonomously usable modules.