Research centers


Department of Economics, Science and Law

HERMES | Research and Education Center

Il ERMES research and teaching centre (Efficient Road Management and Eco-Sustainable Solutions) carries out research and application activities on planning, management, design and quality control for road infrastructure construction and maintenance works. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of eco-sustainable maintenance techniques and on the unification of procedures at an interregional level (Republic of San Marino, Emilia-Romagna and Marche) pursuing the objective of rational management and environmental protection.


Research and teaching center in Biomedical Studies

Il Center for Research and Education in Biomedical Studies opera within the Department of Economics, Science and Law of the University of the Republic of San Marino.



Department of Human Sciences

Dyslexia Center

Il Dyslexia Center is a research center of the Department of Human Sciences whose object of study are specific learning disabilities.


Youth Observatory

THEYouth Observatory is an institution whose object of research is the "condition of youth in the Republic of San Marino".


Unified Resource Center

Il Unified Resource Center intends to pursue the aims expressed by articles 10, 11 and 14 of the Law of 12 February 1998 n° 21 and by the Decree of 10 June 2003 n° 74.


Center for Memory Studies

Il Center for Memory Studies of the University of San Marino promotes the study of memory in its various cultural, historical, artistic, literary, psychological and pedagogical dimensions.


Theater and Citizenship

Il Theater Center and Citizenship it is based on the belief that the theater can be capable of carrying out and reconnecting threads of discourses that evoke the fascinating theme of complexity.



Department of History, Culture and History of San Marino

San Marino Center for Historical Studies

Il San Marino Center for Historical Studies, was created in 1992 for the purpose of research and dissemination in the field of San Marino history and the surrounding area by entrusting historians and experts in specific topics with research intended to be published in a series published by the Centre.


San Marino Legal Institute

THESan Marino Legal Institute, was founded in 1986 with the aim of promoting legal culture and spreading knowledge of the San Marino legal system and institutions.


University Security Training Center

Il University Security Training Center (CUFS) was born in 2010 and with this, alongside the treatment of more purely legal issues, an area of ​​excellence has been created aimed at the study and application of criminological and forensic sciences, criminal law and socio-political studies on safety.


Gramsci center for the humanities/Centre of studies

Il Gramsci center for the humanities / Center for Gramsci studies is a research center founded in 2020. Directed by Massimo Mastrogregori, it carries out activities in the disciplinary fields of the "humanities", the design of knowledge (knowledge design) and Gramscian studies.


Permanent Study Center on Emigration

Il Permanent Study Center on Emigration established in 1997, it promotes the protection and enhancement of the history of San Marino emigration, carries out research and educational activities concerning the theme of historical and contemporary migrations and related topics.



Radio Research Center

Usmaradio - Research Center for Radiophony - Research Center for Radiophonic Studies

Il Interdepartmental Research Center for Radiophony (CRIR) deals with activities concerning research, pedagogy and radio production.


Research Center for International Relations

Il Research Center for International Relations (CRRI) deals with research and teaching activities concerning international relations as a field of interdisciplinary knowledge and social action