It depends.

The three-year and master's degree courses in Design and the three-year degree course in Communication and digital media have a maximum number of students (120, 50 and 60 respectively) and some selection rounds. More information can be found , here.

The three-year degree courses in Civil Engineering, Management Engineering and Construction and Territorial Management do not have a maximum number of students and are free to access. More information can be found , here.

The master's degree courses in Civil Engineering and Management Engineering include a phase for the assessment of qualifications prior to enrolment. More information can be found , here.

No, self-certifications for educational qualifications are expressly prohibited by San Marino legislation (reference art. 12, Law n.159/2011), therefore they have no legal value.

Yes, to enroll in a degree course it is essential to complete the pre-enrollment procedure on the Esse3 online desk. The certificate of maturity can be sent later, within the deadlines set by the call for admission.

For any other type of Courses for which the diploma is considered a requirement for access, it is essential to obtain the title by the start date of the lessons.

To conclude the enrollment procedure in a UniRSM Degree Course or a Master's it is necessary to close any previous career. In fact, it is not possible to attend two university-level courses in the same academic year.

It is possible to enroll in a degree course coming from another university by shortening the career or by making a transfer.

More information and the difference between the two paths are found , here.

Yes, it is possible to do it and the procedures are available , here.

It is always advisable to request an informal advance evaluation of one's career from the direction of the relevant Degree Course.

Yes, the UniRSM teaching regulations provide for the possibility of enrolling in part-time mode, not only for working students, exclusively for Degree Courses and for the years in which they remain in progress.

Requirements, procedures, form and more information can be found , here.

Only the Degree Course in Design – three-year and master's degree – provides for the possibility of enrolling in single courses of the respective study plan.

More information, costs, methods and procedures can be found , here.

No, a University-owned student residence is not yet available.

To this link however, there are contacts of private individuals and businesses that offer apartments or accommodation services for UniRSM students.

Yes, it is possible by signing a confidentiality agreement with the Magnificent Rector through the Student Secretariat.

To this link The regulation is available, with attached forms to be filled out and sent to the email address career.alias@unirsm.sm.

To attend

Each degree course has ad hoc rules, more detailed information can be found , here.

The Masters generally require compulsory attendance for most of the lessons, it is possible to learn more in the pages of the various courses or by contacting the relevant teaching contacts.

All degree programs include two semesters of lessons, interspersed with three exam sessions (winter, summer and autumn).

Within the pages of the individual courses you will find more information on the teaching plan, lesson calendar, timetables, etc.

Registration for the exam sessions is done through the online counter student on Esse3.

The registration lists for the exam sessions generally open one month before the opening of the reference session, and close three days before the date of the exam session.
It is not possible to register for the exam sessions if the student's administrative situation is not regular.

More information can be found , here.

To this link you will find the necessary procedures and forms for any credit recognition requests. The procedures vary according to the Degree Course and the type of activity to be recognised.

Requests are generally handled in a massive way and must be examined at the first useful meeting of the Department Council to which the Degree Course belongs, therefore several weeks may pass before receiving a response.

The certificates must be requested using the specific online form found here link, on the UniRSM website, and physically collected at the Secretariat, bringing with you a €15,00 San Marino revenue stamp. It is possible to do this by booking on the page contacts.

Certificates can also be picked up by a delegate, if one has one delegate and a copy of one's own identity document and that of the delegating party.

For students enrolled up to the a.y. 2018/2019 and for Teachers

First of all, it is necessary to specify that there are two distinct usernames/passwords.

1) The secretariat portal: https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do with username n.surname
2) The Office365 portal (Teams, Outlook, etc): https://login.microsoftonline.com/ with username name.surname@unirsm.sm

To reset your password in the voicemail portal(1) and the Office365 portal (2):

1) the procedure to reset the password is to access the Esse3 portal (https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do) and select “Change Password” from the menu.
Or you can click directly on this link: https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/auth/CambioPasswordForm.do?cod_lingua=ita&menu_opened_cod=
In case of lost password, it is possible to recover it from the "Forgotten password" section: https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/Anagrafica/PasswordDimenticata.do?cod_lingua=ita&menu_opened_cod=

2) resetting in the event of a forgotten password, if a recovery method (personal email or mobile phone) has been entered, can be performed from the office 365 access portal, or by clicking on the following link: www.unirsm.sm/resetpassword

Changing your password before it expires can be accessed from the following link: www.unirsm.sm/cambiopassword

The validity of the password is 180 days.

Alternatively, you can request a new password from the IT Department (help@unirsm.sm)


For students enrolled starting from the a.y. 2018/2019

In this case the password is synchronized between the Esse3 portal and Office365.

The procedure to reset the password is to access the Esse3 portal (https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do) and select “Change Password” from the menu, or you can click directly on this link: https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/auth/CambioPasswordForm.do?cod_lingua=ita&menu_opened_cod=

In the event of a lost password, it is possible to recover it from the "Forgotten password" section of the Esse3 portal by entering your username and tax code at the following link: https://unirsm.esse3.cineca.it/Anagrafica/PasswordDimenticata.do?cod_lingua=ita&menu_opened_cod=

For users who have set their personal e-mail address during registration, the new password will be sent by e-mail.

The password will synchronize after a few minutes with the university and Office 365 credentials .

The validity of the password is 180 days.

University accounts are deactivated three months after the graduation date.

If you need to reactivate it - temporarily - to retrieve documents and/or information, you can contact the IT Office by writing to help@unirsm.sm.

University fees

Il administrative regulation of UniRSM provides – for degree courses – the payment of three installments, with deadlines:

  • 1st installment – ​​31/10
  • 2st installment – ​​31/01
  • 3st installment – ​​30/04

NB. The deadline for payment of the 1st installment of the 1st year may vary for enrollment in restricted access courses.

No, the installment amounts are not calibrated differently depending on an income index. More information on tuition fees can be found , here.

The payment methods warmly recommended by the University are Arrow Bulletin e Credit card.

Both payment methods provide for the automatic acquisition of the payment, in the first case not immediate (it may take a few days, but the acquisition date will be the effective payment date), in the second case immediate.

It is not recommended to pay the slip by bank transfer. If necessary, it is advisable to make the payment a few days before the deadline by contacting the Student Secretariat in advance.

Yes, the University administrative regulation provides for total or partial exemption from the payment of university fees for students with disabilities, depending on the certified percentage.

There is total exemption from paying taxes also for students over 65 years of age.

More information on exemptions and the form to request a refund can be found , here.

Yes, the University makes scholarships available every year for each year of each degree course.

The scholarships discount the amount of the third installment, and the rules for the assignment are found , here.

Career interruption

To this link you will find the form and procedure to end your career.

The forms must be delivered or sent in the original, by registered letter with return receipt, to the Student Secretariat, or sent digitally via PEC (Certified Electronic Mail).

Then you can find the contacts of the Student Secretariat.

Of course, it is always possible to enroll again in UniRSM by presenting a certificate of renunciation which also shows any exams already taken - if one intends to request recognition - in addition to the form for thecareer shortening.

The University regulations provide for the possibility of suspending studies for a maximum duration of one academic year in some specific cases, listed , here.

In the event that you do not fall within the cases but simply decide to suspend payments without formally renouncing your studies, in order to then regularize your enrollment again later, bear in mind that:

  • if the suspension from payments is equal to or greater than two academic years, one may be requested reunion studies, which involves the payment of a lump sum of €200,00 for each unpaid academic year; if partially paid enrollments remain, the missing installments must be paid in full;
  • if the suspension of payments is less than two academic years, the outstanding installments will have to be paid in full, including the related late payments.

Student services

UniRSM provides a series of services dedicated to students with DSA.
Services include:

  • orientation to incoming DSA students for a description of the educational offer and services for DSA available at the University
  • support to enrolled DSA students to prepare a personalized profile with indications for teaching, compensatory tools, dispensatory measures and study strategies
  • mediation in relations with teachers and the University and consultancy for the preparation of teaching material and/or exam methods
  • monitoring of university progress and any refresher interviews at the request of the student to recalibrate the measures adopted to support study activities and exams

More information and how to access the service can be found , here.

Yes, the Psychological Listening and Counseling Service is provided in collaboration with the Department of Human Sciences and in particular with the Permanent Observatory on the Condition of Youth, and is aimed at both students and teachers who - in the context of teaching activities - have received requests for help or have identified situations of discomfort.

These are consultancy interviews with a psychologist with whom it is possible to arrange a meeting directly by addressing the request to psychiatrist consultant@unirsm.sm.

Italian students and/or students residing in Italy will be able to take advantage of healthcare assistance only for urgent services at the ISS – Performance Office (Institute for Social Security) – 0549/994747- 994316.

Foreign students (i.e. non-residents in Italy) are required to take out an insurance policy for the risk of illness, accident, maternity and health care with a minimum coverage of €30.000,00= (thirty thousand euros).


No, there is no university canteen but UniRSM students can request the issue of the certificate free of charge SMAC Card, a personal electronic card that allows access to a series of discounts within the territory of San Marino, including access at a discounted price to the CAMST canteens of San Marino Città and Serravalle (loc. Ciarulla), which are located near the university locations.

Those who already have an SMaC Card can ask for the canteen service to be activated by going to the Student Secretariat.

Access to the following concessions requires presentation of the university badge, or a certificate of enrollment at the University.

Students who have a car can take out a discounted monthly subscription to the P9 car park – covered multi-storey – at the promotional price of €15,00 (instead of €24,00). The cost of daily parking is €4,00 (instead of €8,00).
The monthly pass for surface parking costs €22,00.

UniRSM students benefit from a 20% discount on rates.

Public buses
UniRSM students can use all public buses within the territory of San Marino free of charge. More information on the timetables of the races can be found , here.