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The certificates of registration they will be issued only after the acquisition of the payment of the last installment (green dot on the online counter / Payment section) or at the end of the first enrollment procedure.

Requests will be processed within three working days from the date of receipt without any response in this regard, can be collected during the opening hours of the Secretariat, by reservation via the appropriate online form.

The certificates will normally be issued with a revenue stamp (San Marino revenue stamp €15,00) in accordance with the DD n.18 of 4 February 2021Students will be responsible for obtaining the revenue stamp at tobacconists' shops in the San Marino area or at the San Marino post office. The certificates for use in the San Marino Public Competition will be issued without a revenue stamp (the use must be specified in the request).

It will be the student's responsibility to request the aforementioned certificates well in advance.

Certificates are issued in Italian language.

If the collection is made by a person other than the applicant, it is necessary to present a written proxy and a signed photocopy of the applicant's identity document.

If the student requires a translation of certificates, for example the degree certificate, requested and issued by the University (e.g. for enrollment or transfer to foreign universities), they must autonomously provide, well in advance, by contacting an official translator at the Single Court of the Republic of San Marino and verifying the procedures necessary for any Legalization or Declaration of value at the diplomatic mission in Italy of the country in which the University in which you intend to enroll is located.

Il additional diploma it is a supplementary certification of the official degree title, in Italian and English. It is a document that contains various information, including:

  • level and characteristics of the qualification awarded;
  • class or subject area;
  • legal status;
  • official language of instruction and examination;
  • normal duration of the course;
  • admission requirements;
  • description of the voting system;
  • status professional conferred by the title etc.

What is it for?

  • It makes the qualification more "transparent" because it integrates it with the description of the study curriculum actually followed and with information on the national higher education system according to a common model.
  • It accompanies the increasingly rapid evolution of qualifications by enhancing the content of the new teaching offer of the universities and their autonomy.
  • It promotes student mobility, access to further studies and lifelong learning.
  • It facilitates the knowledge and evaluation of new academic qualifications by employers.
  • It facilitates the academic and professional recognition of Italian qualifications abroad and the free international movement of graduates.

How is it released?
Il additional diploma it is issued automatically to all first and second level graduates, with no added fees and can be issued in Italian, English or both languages. The standard DS model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the UNESCO.

The secretariat may contact the applicant for any translation of the thesis title (where required for their degree programme), so that this is included in the diploma supplement and at the same time the method for collecting/shipping the certificate will be agreed.

Working students who need to present the certificate of attendance for lessons or exams to their employer can download it below.