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Leave of absence

Leave means the outgoing transfer by a student enrolled in a degree course at the University of the Republic of San Marino who intends to continue his or her studies at another university.
The interested student must inquire in advance at the destination University regarding the terms, methods and dates for carrying out the transfer procedure.

Outgoing transfer process

The leave application, drawn up on the special leave form, must be presented to the student secretariat, attaching:

  • the university transcript;
  • the nihil obstat from the receiving University, if the student intends to transfer to a degree course with a restricted number of programmes;
  • the receipt of the payment €80,00 as a contribution for the transfer to be made by means Arrow Bulletin (the bulletin will be issued only after the Secretariat has checked the applicant's position, verifying its regularity)

Attachments - Leave

Useful documents

Check exams taken and fees

Before making the request for leave, the student must verify that all the exams taken are correctly recorded.
From the moment of submitting the outgoing transfer application, the student cannot take any exams.

The outgoing transfer can be accepted only if the student is up to date with the university fees.