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Interruption of studies

Students who intend to resume their studies after a period of interruption are required to request the tax recognition provided that the period of interruption is equal o top at two years academics, during which the student must not have carried out any act of career: taking exams, producing certificates, submitting the degree application, matriculation, etc.

The request of reconciliation of studies must be made by e-mail to the address
Once the student's situation has been verified, the office will answer for which and how many academic years the student can request reconnaissance.

Reconnaissance involves the payment of a reduced amount of tuition fees (€ 200,00) for each academic year of interruption.
The office will communicate the amount due, calculated on the basis of any pending payments from previous years, the years of interruption and enrollment in the academic year of resumption of studies. The payment of the reconnaissance fee will be made by means Arrow Bulletin.
Interruption status will not be recognized for academic years for which the first installment has already been paid.

Once the payment has been made, the student must present copy of the receipt together with reunion form of the studies, duly completed, to the Student Secretariat.

Suspension for one academic year

Suspension for a single academic year, duly certified, it is recognized to all students exclusively:

  • in case of maternity (on return you will have to pay the recognition fee for 1 year only);
  • for the year in which military or civilian service was performed;
  • due to psycho-physical impediment or very serious family reason.

In the cases described above, the student is required to promptly communicate the situation to the Student Secretariat using the suspension form.

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