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Recognition credits Design

Knowledge of a language for design: English B2 ("E" credits)
(Students from the 2021/2022 cohort onwards)

To obtain recognition of the "Knowledge of a language for design: English B2" activity, students enrolled in the three-year design degree program from the 2021/2022 cohort must send the Student Secretariat an English certificate (minimum level B2) by submitting the degree application, together with the form for the recognition of E and F credits.

UniRSM offers training opportunities with non-compulsory courses and limited numbers aimed at the preparation useful for obtaining certification at an institution chosen by the student (for info contact the Degree Course –

Extra-university activities ("F" credits) and optional exams ("D" credits)
(All the students)

Type D credits can only be obtained by taking optional exams.
Type F credits can be obtained:

  • participating in design competitions organized by universities, bodies, institutions, private companies;
  • attending laboratories and workshops organized by the degree programme;
  • attending laboratories and workshops outside the degree course;
  • carrying out the internship previously organized and agreed with the degree course.

"F" credit recognition procedure

To request the recognition of credits obtained through competitions, laboratories and design workshops organized by Universities, bodies, institutions, private companies, the student must verify in the competitions section the list of competitions, laboratories and workshops already evaluated and approved by the specific Commission for the evaluation of credits.

Students can ask in advance for the evaluation of other initiatives not included in the list, provided they are consistent with the educational objectives indicated by the course of study, by depositing the relative announcements with the student secretariat for an evaluation by the Commission.

The materials to be delivered to the student secretariat for evaluation I'm:

  • form for the recognition of E and F credits;
  • receipt or postal slip of the successful shipment of the competition materials or certification of the laboratory or workshop attended;
  • copy of the competition documents;
  • short report of 1500 characters max which describes the project presented with an indication of the materials, production technologies, fonts used, color ranges, etc. (even if not provided for in the competition announcement);
  • executive drawings (dimensioned, with indication of the scale), application hypotheses (for example, as regards projects in the field of visual communication), settings, any additional images and anything else deemed useful to explain to the Commission the process of design (even if not provided for in the competition notice).

Please note that the project can be presented to the appropriate Commission even before the deadline for the competition announcement, it is enough to have sent it to the promoting body and attach the certificate of participation as well as all the aforementioned materials.

The Commission can assign from 0 to 2 formative credits.

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