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Part-time courses

According to the art. 15 of the University Academic Regulations, the following provisions are issued for the purpose of identifying and regulating the condition of part-time student, hereinafter "part-time", in the teaching activities of the three-year degree courses and master's degree courses of the University of San Marino.

Part-time or part-time means the possibility given to each student who meets the requirements, to agree upon enrollment or during the following academic years of enrolment, a training course with a number of credits (ECTS) of normally equal to 50% of those foreseen annually (in any case according to an articulation that will be determined by the Degree Course Council which is responsible for defining the study plans).

They can request part-time enrollmentusing the appropriate inquiry form, students of three-year and master's degree courses, who find themselves in the condition of not being able to complete the course of study in the established years (Academic Senate resolution of 14/06/2016), or to attend with the required attendance and have commitments related to:

  • Work – The non-occasional work commitment (subordinate, self-employed or professional) must be documented for at least six months/year;
  • Personal health or disability problems;
  • Problems related to the assistance and care of dependent relatives;
  • Pregnancy or presence of children up to three years of age (only one of the parents can request part-time enrollment);
  • Sporting activity at a national or international level.

Illnesses and situations that prevent the regular progression of studies must be duly certified by the responsible Italian and San Marino bodies. The issue date of the certifications must not exceed three years from the moment of the request.

The training path envisaged by the part-time enrollment regime cannot exceed, in total, double the normal duration of the course of study, it will allow the didactic load to be distributed normally equal to 50% over two academic years and will be binding for 2 consecutive academic years.

Part-Time enrollment will be possible only with respect to the academic years activated starting from the academic year. 2016/2017.

The status of part-time student starts from the year in which the application is accepted and cannot be changed during the year. For subsequent years, a renewal request must be made (within the enrollment deadline) to verify that the requirements are still met.
For subsequent years, it is possible to request – subject to the favorable opinion of the Degree Course Council – to return to the full-time scheme, a necessary condition for graduating ahead of schedule.
In the event of a transfer from full-time enrollment to part-time enrolment, no refund of fees and contributions can be arranged in favor of the student.

At the time of enrolment, students who meet the envisaged requirements must submit a specific application to the Rector accompanied by the certifications attesting the conditions. The application must be made by the peremptory deadline of 31 October of each year.

Students who choose to enroll in a part-time study regime are required to pay annual tuition fees equal to 50% of the fee that the student would have had to pay if they had been full-time.
Part-time enrollments start from those enrolled in the first year of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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