Pre-enrollment is required to access the admission test of the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Design
  • Master's Degree in Design
  • Degree in Communication and Digital Media

However, it is required for all the courses listed below.

Degree course

Communication and Digital Media

Master's degree


Communication, Management and New Media

Criminology and Forensic Psychiatry

International Security Studies

Geriatric Medicine "Giancarlo Ghironzi"

Management Practices in the Public Administration

Techniques for the rehabilitation of specific learning disabilities

Evaluation and Neuropsychological Treatment of DSA

Advanced training courses

Specialization Course on Managerial Practices in Public Administration

CAF in Health Communication

Teaching qualification course in the San Marino school

Course for didactic support and inclusion

San Marino Higher Education School for the legal and economic professions

Learning Technician for DSA and other BES

CAF in Clinical and Forensic Victimology

CAF in Nutraceuticals. Lifestyle and prevention of chronic diseases.

CAF in Real Estate Asset Management

CAF in Trace Sciences and Medico-Legal Inspection

Doctorates (PhD)

Economic Management Engineering