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Admission test Design

To access the three-year degree course in Design it is essential, after pre-enrolment online, to successfully take the admission test.

The admission test on 09 July 2024 (second round) will take place at the Degree Course, Antico Monastero Santa Chiara – Contrada Omerelli, 20 47890 – San Marino City.


The interviews will take place on July 09 2024 as per calendar.
Candidates must present themselves for the identification operations at 09.00 of the July 09 2024 equipped with:

  • document valid recognition;
  • receipt of the payment of the pre-registration fee of €50,00.

Any disabilities and/or specific learning disorders must be reported at the time of pre-registration by sending an email to, accompanied by appropriate certification.

The calendar of interviews will be published by 07 July 2024 in the this page.

The admission test consists of::

  • in a graphic test conceptualization through drawing lasting 90 minutes;
  • in a motivational interview aimed at verifying the candidate's skills, interest and aptitude for design issues. The interviews will take place following the graphic test, starting from 14.00 pm on 09 July 2024, according to the calendar published on the University website and updated based on the candidates actually present.

To support the graphic test and the motivation interview, we recommend reading at least one of the proposed texts:
a) Bruno Munari, From one thing leads to another, Laterza
b) Bruno Munari, Artist and designer, Laterza
c) Alberto Bassi, Design. Designing everyday objects, Il Mulino

During the graphic test, candidates are not allowed to communicate with each other, or communicate with others, except with members of the Commission or the Secretariat. Consultation of textbooks, notes or other digital and/or analogue sources is not permitted. The non-compliant candidate is excluded from the test.

The final evaluation of the test consists of:

  • maximum 40 points is preferably used for graphic test;
  • maximum 60 points for the interview.

In case of equal evaluation, the younger candidate precedes in the ranking.

The evaluations take into account the following criteria:

  • evaluation of the graphic test: coherence with the proposed theme and ability to
    conceptualization (50%), ability to represent graphically (20%), ability of personal interpretation (30%);
  • evaluation of the interview: curriculum vitae, possible analogue and/or digital portfolio, presentation skills, effectiveness of communication (33%), ability to argue interests (33%) and motivations that drive one to undertake design studies (34%).

Il minimum score overall eligibility is set in 25/100.
Candidates whose mother tongue is not Italian must demonstrate during the interview that they possess adequate Italian language skills.

La ranking of admitted candidates to complete the registration procedure will be published on 12 July 2024 on the page dedicated to registrations.

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