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Registration fees

For the payment of the annual university fees you can use the special form arrow bulletin printable from the on-line counter/administrative office/payments.

Payment can also be made online by credit card.

To view the amounts and deadlines, select the chosen course of study.

Il arrow bulletin it is a special bulletin set up for the automatic registration of the payment; this mode not involves the need to show the payment receipt to the student secretariat.
Il SNOW arrow can be paid at all banking institutions and at the Receipts authorized to pay through Banca ITB SpA.

Except in extraordinary cases communicated in advance, payment by bank transfer is not permitted.

For all information, see Rectoral Decree 040/2020 – ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES 

The installments must be paid within the established terms: the knowledge of the deadline and the printing of the slip are entrusted to the care of the interested parties who, well in advance - to solve any problems with the payment - can check using the online desk.

In case of late payment, the system will automatically generate the amount of the late payment based on the days of delay.

Where the deadlines coincide with Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, they are automatically postponed to midnight of the first following working day.

The deadline for enrollments and enrollments in the years following the first is set at 31/10 of each year, except in duly proven exceptional cases.

On average, it takes 15 days because the paymentonce done, be registered in the Student Secretariat: before this period the student is not "up to date with taxes"; therefore, in the event that he needs to be up to date with payments (for example, to obtain a certificate or to register for an exam) he must ensure that he pays the fees well in advance.
In fact, it should be remembered that the administrative regularity remains suspended until the automatic confirmation of the payment through the banking circuit (a confirmation which, although rapid, is not immediate).

Students who are not up-to-date with the installment payments will not be able to enroll in the following year of the course, obtain any enrollment certificate, register exams, transfer to another University. The student who fails to pay the fees cannot carry out any university career act, therefore he cannot take profit and/or degree exams.

To be able to graduate in a session of an academic year it is necessary to be regularly enrolled, this implies the payment of the entire amount of university fees and any additional fees by the date of submission of the graduation application.
The same conditions also apply to out-of-course students.

For all information, see Rectoral Decree 040/2020 – ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES 

The Art. 16 of the Student Regulations allows reimbursement TOTAL only to those who erroneously repeat the same payment (formerly CAU Resolution 10/20 of 08/06/2006).

Refunds are allowed PARTIAL (50%) of the first enrollment installment to students who pay the amount but do not formalize enrollment in the first year by delivering the required documentation to the Student Secretariat and to those who, within the deadlines set for enrollment in master's degree programmes, do not obtain three-year university degrees.

The return is also permitted in the event that the student out of course pay one or more installments but then manage to graduate within the last useful session of the academic year in question.

The reimbursement request, motivated (description of the motivation) and documented by attaching the receipt of payment of the amount requested for reimbursement, must be presented to the Rector through the Student Secretariat within 30 days. from the payment date, with hand delivery, by registered letter with return receipt or by digital sending via PEC or Tnotice. 

The University may grant, on a promotional basis, and on the basis of provisions already in force, total exemption from the payment of the university fee:

  • to students over 65 years of age;
  • to students with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 66%, regardless of economic conditions and merit;

partial exemption from the payment of the university fee, in the amount of 50% of the total amount:

  • to students with a degree of disability between 34% and 65%, regardless of economic conditions and merit.

The request for exemption, addressed to the Magnificent Rector through the Student Secretariat, it must be presented at the time of enrolment and must be complete with the necessary certificates issued by the competent authority, by the applicant. This request must be resubmitted when the certificate expires and/or if the percentage of disability changes.
In cases of exemption due to partial or total disability, only the certificate issued by AUSL – Invalidi civilians, indicating the percentage

If the payment of the installments is made after the due date, the system automatically determines (that is, based on the extent of the delay) the late payment for the installment concerned and prepares the next Freccia bulletin containing the late payment amount due. The amounts of blackberries are:

  • 52,00 euros, within the first 15 days of delay;
  • 104,00 euros, after the first 15 days of delay.
    (CAU resolution no. 10/20 of 08/06/2006)

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