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Final test Masterful design


The thesis work must have the character of an original scientific research developed with appropriate research methodologies and tools, while maintaining a dimension compatible with drafting times contained within no more than one year of work. It is possible to support both theoretical, historical and critical theses, as well as theses of a design nature.

The thesis is exclusively individual and even those who have developed a common analytical work are required to clearly identify their contribution and to present an individual and autonomous file.

For more information on writing the thesis go to this page.

The form of the thesis

The thesis is exclusively individual and must be presented in paper format in three copies, two for the Degree Course and one for the supervisor.
The written text must in any case be at least 40.000 characters including spaces, and present a bibliography.

The thesis must:

  • be written in UNIA4 format; any tables and/or drawings may be presented in A1 format.
  • also contain tables in A3 format as long as they are folded in A4 format.
  • contain on the title page the indication of the University, the degree course, the academic year, the title of the thesis in its complete form, the name of the supervisor and any co-supervisors, the name of the author and the registration number signed by the supervisor and co-rapporteur if present.
  • contain the declaration of availability bound as the last page (downloadable, in pdf format, in the link on the right of this page)
  • be accompanied by the abstract, i.e. a summary of the work, in Italian of at least 2.000 characters, which must include the index of the thesis and possibly be accompanied by images summarizing the work.

The declaration of availability or non-accessibility of the degree thesis (below) must be delivered together with the thesis report. At least 10 keywords must be indicated inside it concerning: project category, product type, materials used (indicate macro-category and specific material), production process and more.

The thesis in paper format can be delivered by hand o sent by post or via Express Courier at the reception of the headquarters of the Degree Course in Design – Monastero Santa Chiara, Contrada Omerelli 20, 47890 – San Marino City.

Processed in digital format

The file uploaded to the cloud at the address indicated by the Degree Course Management must be named: Surname name and will contain:

  • Thesis paper in 150dpi .pdf format with images.
  • from 3 to 6 images of the project and its details in A5 format, saved at 150 dpi in .tif format;
  • any tables if present in the project in a single file (max 5 MB) in .pdf format;

The files must be named with the titles of the tables and detailed images.
The cover must state: [academic year . date of the thesis session] University of the Republic of San Marino – Master's degree course in Design . [name surname] . [project title] . [project subtitle] .

For correct filing of the documents, the declaration of availability of the degree thesis must also be presented attached to the documents.

The files will remain the property of the university archive.
Failure to deliver precludes the possibility of discussing the thesis.

Other elaborated

If requested by the supervisor, the student will be able to elaborate a maximum of six tables in A1 format, laid out horizontally on paper, executed with free technique, in which to fully exhibit the project.
The drawings will be briefly captioned, quoted and the scale must be made explicit. The choice of the font and the body of the same as regards captions, notes and texts inserted in the graphic works is free.
The header of the plates will be placed at a distance of 2 cm from the lower paper edge, starting from 2 cm from the left margin, in a single line, composed with a stick character in ups and downs (m/M) of size 18 pti, reporting titles separated only by full stops suitably spaced, with the following data, reported in the same order in which they are listed here:

University of the Republic of San Marino – Degree course in Industrial Design. yy [0000–00] . [name surname] . [project title] . [project subtitle]. table [n].

Role of the rapporteur and of the co-rapporteur

After the thesis proposal has been confirmed, the supervisor will accompany the student throughout the thesis development period up to the discussion in the degree commission, during which the supervisor is required to be present.
All professors belonging to one of the university's study programs (first and second level) can be thesis supervisors. The supervisor is responsible for the research methodology, the supervision of the student's work and the checks during construction.

The co-supervisor is not a mandatory figure and depends on the needs of the thesis. However, especially in cases where it is a question of relating different themes, methods, disciplinary profiles, the presence of one or more co-supervisors is certainly useful in order to bring together the different specificities.


Thesis assessment consists of the written thesis and a 15-20 minute presentation to the graduation exam.
The copies delivered must be definitive because each thesis can be read before the exam by the members of the commission.
The design and layout of the written thesis will be taken into account in the assessment.

The student can also, if he wishes, bring several copies of the thesis to the examination.
The content evaluated will remain that of the copies deposited in the secretariat.

Attachments - Thesis paper