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Final exam Management Engineering


Must be delivered to Student Secretariat the final thesis (2 hard copies bound in blue leather and gold lettering + digital copy on SD card attached in a transparent envelope inside the thesis) by the deadline indicated above.

All copies of theses must include declaration of availability of the degree thesis, to be inserted as the last page of the document (both digital and paper).

Below are the layout indications for the thesis work:

  • Times New Roman 12 font
  • Line spacing 1,5
  • Header 1,25
  • Footer 1,25
  • Binding 0
  • Margins:
  • Superior 4,2
  • Lower 3,5
  • Claim 3,5
  • Right 2,5
  • Binding possibly in blue leather or imitation leather and gold printing
  • Title page as per similar fax (for word format contact the secretariat)

For more information on writing the thesis go to this page.

You can download the consultation form at the bottom of the page and consult the delivery deadlines on the page graduation sessions and deadlines.

Digital copy attached to the online graduation application

The .pdf file of the final thesis (showing the consultation form as the last page) must also be uploaded to the degree application on the Esse3 online desk (thesis attachments section).

Attachments - Thesis paper


The vote is expressed in one hundred and tenths.

The weighted average of the admission mark is calculated on all evaluations with a mark; is rounded up to the upper whole.
Extra credits obtained are not counted.
30 e Lode is worth 30.

The final reports submitted to the master's degree commission can obtain a maximum of 7 points.

If the candidate reaches the score of 110/110, the Commission can award honors.

The exam is considered passed if the vote is equal to or greater than 66/110.