Before applying for graduation students must take the exams within the deadlines indicated in graduation sessions and deadlines and check in online counter:

  • the exact registration of the exams taken;
  • to have acquired at least 174 credits;
  • the registration of taxes paid: the student failing to pay the enrollment fees cannot carry out any act of university career, therefore he cannot take exams and/or degree. To be able to graduate in one session of an academic year, it is necessary to have paid the entire amount of the relative university fees, even by non-course students, by the date of submission of the graduation application (e.g. you must have paid all the quotas for the reference academic year to graduate within the last useful session of March).

Any anomalies found must be promptly reported to the Student Secretariat (

Students intending to graduate are required to check the deadlines on the page graduation sessions and deadlines and proceed as follows:

  1. submit the graduation application compiled online, printed and signed (the revenue stamp must not be affixed on the form) with the relative required attachments;
  2. fill in the online assessment questionnaire for student services;
  3. deliver the final thesis (for those required) to the Degree Course headquarters by the deadline indicated on the page graduation sessions and deadlines, including a declaration that the degree thesis can be consulted or not consulted, to be inserted as the last page of the degree thesis report;

The application will be valid only for the session to which it refers. At the end of the session, the student who has not obtained the qualification - in order to maintain the status of graduating student - will have to cancel it from the online desk and resubmit it for the next session. The payment already made of the diploma fee remains valid.

If the student enrolled in a graduation session decides to postpone the discussion of the thesis, since the application for admission to the graduation exam is valid only for the session to which it refers - in order to maintain the status of graduating student - at the end of the session he will have to re-submit the application, canceling that of the previous session through his online help desk.

Furthermore, the graduating student will have to comply with all the requirements necessary for the graduation set out in the calendar published on the web (graduation sessions and deadlines) and, in particular, must return the paper application for admission to the degree exam to the student secretariat for the new call. The payment of the degree fee already made remains valid.

If the graduating student has already submitted the thesis work and does not graduate, he/she will have to collect the submitted thesis and return it to the next graduation session always within the set deadlines.