StudentsStudying at UNIRSM

Studying at UNIRSM

We offer three-year and master's degree courses, masters, research doctorates, advanced training courses and specialization school

At the University of San Marino, students can count on high quality services and personalized support. Lessons are always held in small groups: this allows you to better follow the students. The University has also stipulated international exchange agreements with foreign universities.

Career transfer

To carry out the transfer, from or to another University or University Institute, it is necessary to submit an application to the student secretariat by completing the required form.

For information on timing and to download the form, go into the detail page.

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Single Courses

In order to favor recurring and permanent training opportunities, admission to individual training activities envisaged by the educational path of the three-year and master's degree course in Design is envisaged.

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Part-Time Courses

According to the art. 15 of the University Academic Regulations, the following provisions are issued for the purpose of identifying and regulating the condition of part-time student, hereinafter "part-time", in the teaching activities of the three-year degree courses and master's degree courses of the University of San Marino.

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studio bag

The University of the Republic of San Marino will provide in the a.y. 2022/2023 n. 45 Partial coverage scholarships (exemption from paying the third installment) of the total enrollment fee for the degree courses.
Students enrolled in Single Courses cannot participate in the call for scholarships envisaged for the 2nd and 3rd year of the course, while non-course students and students enrolled part-time cannot participate in the call.

no. 15 scholarships for the degree course in Design
no. 6 scholarships for the degree course in Civil Engineering
no. 6 Scholarships for the degree course in Management Engineering
no. 6 Scholarships for the codl in Construction and Territorial Management
no. 6 Scholarships for the degree course in Communication and Digital Media
no. 2 Scholarships for the master's degree course in Design
no. 2 Scholarships for the master's degree in Civil Engineering
no. 2 Scholarships for the master's degree in Management Engineering

Living in San Marino

Starting from the 2015/2016 academic year, according to the provisions of art. 8 – paragraph 3 – Law no. 30 of 2015 July 118, Italian students and/or foreign students regularly residing in Italy, on the basis of the reciprocity agreements in force, will no longer have to apply for a residence permit for study reasons. It will be sufficient to fill in the attached form and deliver it to the Student Secretariat which will send it to the Gendarmerie.

Students from the Schengen Areahowever, they will still have to apply for a residence permit for study reasons by contacting the Gendarmerie – Foreigners Office – 0549/888896 – which will provide all the necessary information.

All the others students from countries outside the Schengen Area must apply for a residence permit for study purposes by contacting the Gendarmerie – Foreigners Office – 0549/888896 who will provide all the necessary information. This type of student must subsequently apply for an entry visa to Italy at the Italian Embassy in San Marino – viale Onofri, 117 – San Marino City – 0549/991146.

All students are reminded of the importance of taking out a regular lease for whose registration at the Registry Office of the Republic of San Marino it will be necessary to attach a certificate of enrollment issued, with a €15,00 revenue stamp, by the Student Secretariat, upon request by the students concerned.


The SMaC Card is a personal electronic tool that the student secretariat will deliver free of charge to all freshmenat the time of final enrolment. The student secretariat will be available to provide initial information regarding conditions of use and benefits.

The free issue by the Student Secretariat is only possible for students enrolled in UNIRSM who have never had one. Students who need to replace the old SMaC, even following loss or theft, must contact banking institutions. Students already in possession of a SMaC Card must communicate this to the student secretariat to activate the canteen service.

Once in possession of the SMaC Card, students will be able to register at official web site  to view the conditions and opportunities offered by this tool.
In the event of loss of the SMaC Card, issued free of charge by the secretariat, students will have to purchase a new one at a cost of €15,00 at any bank in the Republic of San Marino.

Concessions and reductions

Students regularly enrolled at the University of San Marino can take advantage of reductions and preferential rates for different services such as:

  • Cafeteria service
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Transportation
  • Public car parks

This operation was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Social Services Fund, the Secretariat of State for Education and Culture, the Secretariat of State for Finance and Cultural Institutes.


The various locations of the University of San Marino are easily reachable both by one's own transport and by public transport.

The historic center is equipped with various car parks, both uncovered and covered, close to all the offices.

Study without barriers

With Act n. 27/2015 the figure of STUDENT GUARANTEE was appointed.

The Student Ombudsman, in the person of Prof. Giovanni Battista Traverso, will have the task of intervening to protect students who feel their rights or interests have been harmed by abuse, dysfunction, delays attributable to measures or attributable to behavior including omissions of and university offices.
The Student Council or individual students can contact the Guarantor who, in compliance with the regulatory legislation, expresses its opinion and eventually intervenes by reporting to the competent bodies. The opinions of the Guarantor are not binding.
The Student Ombudsman will also have the task of examining and supervising the performance of self-managed activities by students in the fields of culture, cultural exchanges, information, sport and free time; formulate the criteria for evaluating, financing and verifying the self-managed activities, having heard the obligatory opinion of the Student Council and the Academic Senate.
The Student Ombudsman will also have the task of presenting a report on the activity carried out to the Academic Senate and the Student Council; intervene by listening to the needs of the students, even subjective and individual, in order to provide the applicants with an evaluation and a thesis address for the possible resolution of the problems initially envisaged. The Guarantor may ask for support from the University Legal Office and the Student Secretariat.

A sufficiently broad availability of the Guarantor should be able to guarantee timely acceptance and the setting in motion of a concrete operation aimed at resolving the various requests.

Prof. GB Traverso can be present in San Marino at the Student Secretariat on the days or remotely via the Microsoft TEAMS platform on the days: 

  • 21 March 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15
  • 18 April 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15
  • 23 May 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15

To make an appointment with the Student Ombudsman, you can call or write to the Student Secretariat, or send an email directly to

Starting from the 2018/2019 academic year, in collaboration with the Department of Human Sciences and in particular with the Permanent Observatory on the Condition of Youth, the Psychological Listening and Counseling Service.

The Psychological Listening and Counseling service does not contemplate taking charge of psychotherapy and aims to offer, in compliance with the constraints of professional secrecy, counseling talks with a psychologist with whom it will be possible to arrange a meeting directly, addressing the request to the following address of e-mail psychiatrist

The consultancy service is also made available to teaching staff if, as part of their teaching activity, they wish to discuss requests for help received or have identified situations of hardship.

Based on the reciprocity agreements in force, Italian students and/or students residing in Italy will be able to take advantage of healthcare assistance only for urgent services at the ISS - Performance Office (Institute for Social Security) - 0549/994747-994316.

Foreign students (i.e. non-residents in the Italian territory) will have to take out an insurance policy for the risk of illness, accident, maternity and health care with a minimum coverage of €30.000,00= (thirty thousand euros).

The University of the Republic of San Marino, as part of its commitment to awareness-raising, prevention and combating violence activities, in collaboration with the Anti-Violence Center of the Social Security Institute, informs that in the Republic of San Marino it is active the following service:

Listening Center for victims of gender violence 
T. 0549 994800 (24 hour telephone)

The Listening Center for victims of gender violence carries out the following activities:

  • psychological assistance with direct access or telephone appointment;
  • information on their rights and on the measures provided for by the Laws (n. 97/2008 and n.57/2016) against violence against women and gender;
  • collaboration for the activation of online protection programs with the ISS Services and the Institutions, which can offer hospitality within shelter homes;
  • contacts with dedicated legal services;
  • collaboration for the activation of educational interventions for the prevention of violence in schools;
  • collaboration with local associations in promoting public awareness initiatives on the topic.

Other activities:
Information-education interventions on affectivity in schools of all levels, held by a midwife and a psychologist on topics relating to affectivity, sexuality, contraception and other topics requested by teachers.

Services for inclusion

  • DSA and BES
  • Disability

The Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro, in collaboration with the University of the Republic of San Marino, offers a Chaplain of the University, with the aim of providing spiritual support to all members of our university community.
Don Mauro is available on Tuesdays from 10.00 am to 14.00 pm, at the headquarters of the former Santa Chiara Monastery.

If you are interested in contacting Don Mauro by email you can write to