Student guarantor

With Act n. 27/2015 the figure of STUDENT GUARANTEE was appointed.

The Student Ombudsman, in the person of Prof. Giovanni Battista Traverso, will have the task of intervening to protect students who feel their rights or interests have been harmed by abuse, dysfunction, delays attributable to measures or attributable to behavior including omissions of and university offices.
The Student Council or individual students can contact the Guarantor who, in compliance with the regulatory legislation, expresses its opinion and eventually intervenes by reporting to the competent bodies. The opinions of the Guarantor are not binding.
The Student Ombudsman will also have the task of examining and supervising the performance of self-managed activities by students in the fields of culture, cultural exchanges, information, sport and free time; formulate the criteria for evaluating, financing and verifying the self-managed activities, having heard the obligatory opinion of the Student Council and the Academic Senate.
The Student Ombudsman will also have the task of presenting a report on the activity carried out to the Academic Senate and the Student Council; intervene by listening to the needs of the students, even subjective and individual, in order to provide the applicants with an evaluation and a thesis address for the possible resolution of the problems initially envisaged. The Guarantor may ask for support from the University Legal Office and the Student Secretariat.

A sufficiently broad availability of the Guarantor should be able to guarantee timely acceptance and the setting in motion of a concrete operation aimed at resolving the various requests.

Prof. GB Traverso can be present in San Marino at the Student Secretariat on the days or remotely via the Microsoft TEAMS platform on the days: 

  • 21 March 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15
  • 18 April 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15
  • 23 May 2024 – from 11,00 to 14,15

To make an appointment with the Student Ombudsman, you can call or write to the Student Secretariat, or send an email directly to