University of San MarinoInformation Services Office

Information Services Office

The Information, Digital Communication and Planning and Control Services Office constitutes a center of expertise and support in the introduction, use and management of IT tools, and, more generally, of technological resources within the inside the various offices and departments of which the University is made up. The office takes care of the aspects relating to the collection, processing and access to data in accordance with the provisions of the law.

It's possible change your password from the link in the section Change Password or in case of loss from Forgot Password

The credentials provided will be used to:

Sign in to Office 365 Apps:

The Wi-Fi network access service is available using the same credentials used for other services (PC access, e-mail, e-learning, printers, etc.).
NB The credentials must be entered in the complete form (o‎ for students prior to the 2021/2022 academic year)
To access the UNIRSM, LIVEin.SM Free WIFI, Premium networks, you need to configure your device according to the specific instructions


It is not sufficient to click on the UNIRSM network and enter the credentials without first configuring the card of your computer with the following automatic configuration file (extract and run “clickme.bat”):

The following manual setup guides are also available.
Windows Tutorial


For Mac, simply enter your credentials.
Mac Tutorial


Android Tutorial
iPhone tutorials

Your mailbox can be reached from o

In addition, other services are included with the Office 365 license.
To access the portal with all the available Apps, visit the following link

  • 1TB storage space is provided on Onedrive
  • It is possible, in a total of 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones

To access the Teams App, use the following link and enter your University credentials:

It is preferable to have the program installed.
For any requests for assistance, contact the ticket system

I educational materials are uploaded to SharePoint or in the reference Teams groups.

Teacher Instructions
If it is necessary to create a new Team, it is possible to do so by searching for users individually or by group. In the case of degree programmes, insert "S3" at the beginning of the search so that all the related groups or the individual names of each student appear:

Where the first acronym indicates the CdL (DI = design, CDM = Digital Media, CGT = graduated surveyor, IC = civil engineering, IG = management engineering)
The second indicates Bachelor's or Master's degree (LT, LM).
However, a detailed description also appears.

Student Instructions
You can download the App or log in directly from your web browser using your University credentials.
Link -

Once the teacher has started the session, a request to participate will automatically be sent to the email However, you can check which sessions have already been scheduled in the calendar section:

In this section you can find all the information about the use of multifunction printers. Furthermore, by logging in with your credentials to Web portal you can check the prints made and their cost, the available balance and the possibility of recharging the credit.

University PCs can be accessed using EMAIL and PASSWORD.
Once logged in it will automatically map the storage that each student has on Onedrive.
After connecting the unit everything that is placed on the Desktop, in the folders "My Documents" and "My Pictures" is saved in OneDrive and vice versa.

Adobe ID



To use the Adobe CC suite present on the PCs of the laboratory of the Ex Monastero di Santa Chiara site and the Viale Onofri site, it is necessary create an adobe ID

A file server is available for Industrial Design students where they can find materials for some courses.
To access shared network folders, you must be connected to the network UNIRSM and follow the procedures below.

Laboratory PC or Notebook with Windows operating system
In the window explore resources type the address \\home\design and enter your credentials in the form‎ (or‎ for students enrolled from AY 2021/2022)

Mac OS
In the window Connect to the server (cmd key + K) type the address smb://home/design and enter your credentials

In this section you can find the links for the educational versions of the software

IT services


The university uses the Sophos centralized antivirus system to protect all IT devices in the university.

Archiving and backup

The university has a local archiving and backup system for digital content as well as using a cloud storage platform (OneDrive) for remote archiving.

Web archive

In the web archive of the university website it is possible to consult contents concerning events and activities that took place in the past. The contents are divided by departments and by type (teaching and events).

Web archive


The university helpdesk service is based on the Osticket platform and is available to both university staff and students. Through this system it is possible to make reports or request IT technical support by sending an e-mail to the following address‎


The university uses the OP5 service to monitor the entire IT structure.

Online desk (Esse3)

Esse3 is the teaching management information system that offers students a reserved area where they can manage their registrations for exam sessions, manage grades, manage university fees or evaluate teaching


Centralized printing

The university is equipped with a centralized printing system based on the Uniflow software.

Centralized printing