Aims and objectives of the internship

The internship allows you to integrate the theoretical knowledge, obtained from the courses, with the experiences in the classroom in order to:

  • train a professional teacher with high and specific operational skills;
  • promote the capacity for theoretical, psycho-pedagogical and scientific-cultural reflection in general, and the implementation of research-action processes.
  • contribute to the initial construction of the professionalism of the teacher specialized in support.


The specialization course for didactic support and inclusion compulsorily requires the carrying out of an internship period of 300 hours, to be carried out in specially affiliated school offices and under the guidance of an internship tutor, as follows:

  1. direct internship, alongside one or more welcoming teachers within the educational institution;
  2. indirect internship intended as an activity of re-elaboration of direct experience. It includes the time necessary for meetings with the internship tutors, the times necessary for meetings with the class teacher and the time agreed with the tutor to prepare the material to be presented to the classes.

The internship hours include all the activities carried out by the intern in the presence of the welcoming teacher/s. All hours of direct internship must be recorded in a special form and countersigned by the welcoming teacher who will thus certify that they have actually been carried out.