University of San MarinoWiFi network access tutorial

WiFi network access tutorial

The network access service with Wi-Fi technology is available by using the same credentials in use for accessing the domain PCs.
To access the service you need to configure your device according to the following instructions.

The credentials must be entered in the complete form (o for students prior to the 2021/2022 academic year

To access the UNIRSM, LIVEin.SM Free WIFI, Premium networks, you need to configure your device according to the specific instructions


UNIRSM network

It is not sufficient to click on the UNIRSM network and enter the credentials without first having configured the card of your computer with the following automatic configuration file (extract and run "clickme.bat" from

For Mac, simply enter your credentials and accept the certificate installation

LIVEin.SM networks Free WIFI

It is an open network. In order to navigate, you need to register on the portal that appears when you open your browser.

LIVEin.SM Premium networks

You need to download the Livein.SM App from your reference Store and follow the instructions to configure access.