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The Department develops activities of local and international interest, opening formation and learning approaches on issues of cultural and scientific interest pertaining medical professions of immediate application. In particular the objective is to effect researches in medical and biological disciplines, both independently and in collaboration with other Universities and Public or Private Research Centres. From the A.Y. 1999/2000 the department organizes a triennial University Degree for Nurses, focused on forming sammarinese sanitary and nursing personnel.

National Course for Coordinators in Donation and Removal of Organs – TPM Transplant Procurement Management
The “ Coordinator in Donation and Removal of Organs and Tissues” is a nowadays fundamental figure in the activity of donation and transplant: from reporting a potential donator, to the relation with his family, and the activation of each service necessary for the removal, transportation and transplant of organs.
The course, activated in collaboration with the Onlus association PFT (Transplant Formation Program) and with the University of Barcellona, is a four day full immersion for students coming from hospitals of every Italian region, in particular from reanimations, but also from sanitary management or other specialties. 
The TPM course has been officially recognized by the European Council and it represents a requirement for the certification of Coordinators in donation.

Biennial Master Course in Phlebolynphology
The Master Course is open to doctors and surgeons and offers a specialization in the phlebolynphology field, a sphere which has seen in these last years, both a growing interest of the scientific community and of the requests of performances from the public.
The course is organized in five intensive modules at the University of San Marino and the University of Ferrara. The initiative of formation offered by two university institutes 
guaranties an element of great interest and attraction, both in terms of cultural and professional innovation, and as a qualified presence in a relatively poor institutionary section.

Second Level Master Course in Clinic Posture logy with multidisciplinary approach
The Master Course is active thanks to the collaboration with the University of Ferrara and the patronage of the Italian Society of Phlebolynphology, it is open to doctor specialists and non and its intent is to form a new high level professional figure, able to interact with different medical specialties, bringing a decisive contribution to the nosological, diagnostic and therapeutic framing of a series of completely non specific chronic disorders.
The object of the course is its development in various directions and medical branches, in order to better satisfy clinical needs which from different orientations see posture as the centre of great and complex physiopathologic mechanisms. The course is therefore articulated in a series of approaches: phlebolynphologic, medical-aesthetic, phisyatric and medical-sportive, odontostomatologic, otoneurologic.

Second Level Master Course in Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery
The course is open to Doctors and Surgeons with interest in investigating methodologies of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, medical-surgical disciplines that concern the construction or reconstruction of the individual psychophysical balance and that are addressed to people who desire improving their image by solving their blemishes.
Aesthetic Medicine is initially developed at a prevention level and then becomes corrective. 
In the preventive phase Doctors teach how to ‘know’ and ‘accept ‘ the physical structures inherited, in order to protect them and handle them. This Master Course, first in Europe for the mass of subjects treated is under the patronage of the E.S.P.R.A.F. (The Foundation of the European Societies of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and is intended for improving and completing the preparation of the specialists of this field.
The course is articulated in three years; every year includes five one week modules; each module is divided in theory lessons and exercises with the active participation of the students in activities in the operating room and/or with outpatients.

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