Department of Communication

Ateneo English


Contrada Omerelli, 77
47890 San Marino
phone 0549882516 
fax 0549882519

The Department of Communication, directed by Patrizia Violi and whose Scientific Committee is chaired by Umberto Eco, promotes research initiatives, discussions and exchanges on themes in semiotics and cognitive science, fields of inquiry which traverse traditional sub-divisions and boundaries of disciplinary fields in science and the humanities. Their intersection delimits an area which requires co-operation across wide range of different disciplines: from linguistics to psychology, from philosophy to artificial intelligence. 
The Department organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and summer and fall schools, offering an environment for interdisciplinary discussion and exchange of ideas between scholars, graduate and doctoral students, professors and researchers from all over the world. Conferences are co-organized from time to time with institutions in other countries with which a formalized cooperation and exchange relationship has been established. Particular emphasis is placed on topics related to the problem of memory, a field in which the University of San Marino, through the Young Fund and other initiatives in the Republic of San Marino, is creating its own scientific profile. 
Schools consist of a series of intensive, high-level specialist courses, taught by internationally acclaimed professors, and provide a great deal of time for discussion and practical work. At the present time there are two such schools: a Summer School, focused on general themes, and an Autumn School, on more specifically semiotic topics. 
Among the activities of the Department, the biennial Master Course “The Professional Communication” is targed to small company, commerce and public administration operators, with particular attention to the San Marino local reality. The Master is aimed at offering participants an opportunity of cultural growth and professional training on the various themes and problems of the communication world (from visual to interpersonal and company communication, from writing to new technologies, etc.)
The Department is also involved in editorial activities, which at present consist of publication of our conference proceedings in the Brepols series “Semiotic and Cognitive Studies”. Volumes published in this series to date are as follows: 

C. Cacciari, Similarity, 1995
G. Manetti, Knowledge through Signs, 1996
G. Nunberg, The Future of the Book, 1996
C. Marmo, Vestigia, Imagines, Verba, 1997
A. Zinna, Hjelmslev Aujourd’Hui, 1997
P. Salzarulo, P. Violi, Dreaming and Culture, 1999
P. Violi, Phonosymbolism, 2000
P. Coppock, The Semiotics of Writing, 2001
G. Cosenza, Paul Grice’s Heritage, 2001
G. Blasi, The Future of Memory, 2002
M. Alac, P. Violi, In the Beginning. Origins of Semiosis, 2004