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The Department is engaged in research, formation and updating activities in the psycho-pedagogic and didactic field, as well as in outlining and training new professional profiles. 
During the years it’s been responsible of the in service formation of sammarinese teachers of every order and level and of the professional training of future teachers with Biennial specialization and perfection courses for aspiring teachers of sammarinese schools.
At the end of the 90ies the Department activated the Education Portal , that hosts educational and didactical materials coming from schools and materials that refer to the extra-scholastic system. The Portal is proposed as an innovating data bank of the educational resources available in the territory, indicating places, experiences, competences and instruments. The research activity is a section of particular interest for the Department, it has promoted Research-Action projects in the didactic sphere.
Master Course for Operators in the field of Prevention and Reduction of scholastic and extra scholastic Maladjustment in preadolescence 
The Department promotes a biennial Master Course for the formation of professionals able to operate in the field of prevention and reduction of scholastic and extra scholastic maladjustment in preadolescence. This section of intervention is greatly relevant and debated both in the scholastic system (where new `system figures` and `object projects` are assumed in order to confront the complexity of a maladjustment that is ever more present and explosive), and in territorial services that deal with a limited presence in this section and risk a partial organization not always adequate in confronting all forms of preadolescent maladjustment in accordance with psyco- social-pedagogic complex and integrated strategies. The Master Course is open to university graduates in psychology, pedagogy, education sciences, sciences of primary formation , sociology or to practicing teachers and educators, with no relation to their degree.
Specialization Course in Learning Psychopathology 
The object of the Course is providing a deepened formation in the field of learning disorders, both under a methodology and theoretic profile and as an opening to field research and professional practice. The teachings provided intend to expand theoretic and methodic knowledge opening them up to the most recent contributions in the sphere of developmental learning psychopathology. Special attention is drawn on the formation of operators whom will confront these problems in educational and social-sanitary contexts. The Course is open to university graduates in Psychology or to equivalent degrees (in medicine, pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, humanity studies with a psychological approach).

Master Course for Managing Human resources
The Department promotes a biennial Master Course oriented in forming two professional figures, the first able to interact with the athlete’s staff in a coordinated and interdisciplinary way and the second able to interact with staffs of organized structures for the development of amateur sport activities functional for improving the state of well being. This is a sector of intervention of great relevance nowadays, debated both in the sport field and in the social sanitary one. Sport boosts maximum psychological and social development, it profoundly influences athlete’s lives in powering their intrinsic motivations, giving behavior intensity and direction and a clear vision of possibilities and goals, educating towards positive models of social relations. 
The presence of an expert with a psycho pedagogic formation is important to integrate the physical preparation with the psychological one and to confront problems dealing with agonistic practice and with the achievement of results.
The Master Courses is open to university graduates in Education Sciences, Psychology, Motorial Sciences, specialists in Medicine for Sports, ISEF graduates and sport technicians.