Department of Historical Studies

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contrada delle Mura, 16
47890 San Marino RSM
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The Department of Historical Studies is a distinguished research and advanced study center, destined to become part of the principal international centers of historical investigations.
The School of Historical Studies is afferent to the Department, it has established a triennial Research Doctorate which has represented from its very beginning one of Europe’s most innovative experiments in this field. The Doctorate in historical studies stands out for the interdisciplinary formation features
offered to its pupils, for its opening to the international academic world and for the presence of the most representative names in Europe in historical and humanitarian studies, both for the members of the Scientific Council, as for the academics invited for the seminar cycles and the professors in charge of students researches. The presence of students and professors from all over the world and the development of the activities in the School’s three official languages, Italian, English and French, guarantee an international opening of the Department.
The Centre for Sammarinese Historical Studies, which operates in the same Department, is intended for research and promotion in the field of sammarinese History and that of the surrounding territories. It commissions historians and experts in specific matters for researches published in the collection edited by the Center. So far more than twenty volumes have been published, they are available at our University, and others are at the present time in press.