Paracchini Silvia

Centro Dislessia

Paracchini Silvia

Royal Society University Research Fellow
School of Medicine
University of St Andrews

Positions held
Since 2011 Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of St Andrews and
Visiting Fellow, Wellcome Trust centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford
2002-2011 Post-doctoral research scientist in Prof. Anthony Monaco’s group at The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford.

2002 D.Phil. in human genetics 
Wolfson College and Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford
1998 Laurea 110/110 cum laude University of Pavia, Italy

Prizes and Awards 
2012-2015 Royal Society Research Grant
2011-2016 Royal Society University research Fellowship
2008-2010 MRC Research Grant
2005 37th European Human Genetic Conference, Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Science, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Exceptional Merit Award, WTCHG, University of Oxford
American Society of Human Genetics, Postdoctoral Presentation Award Finalist, 54th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Selected Publications
Scerri TS, Morris AP, Buckingham L-L, Newbury D, Miller L, Ring S, Monaco AP, Golding J, Bishop D, and Paracchini S. (2011) DCDC2, KIAA0319 and CMIP are associated with reading-related traits in ALSPAC. Biological Psychiatry. 
Scerri TS, Brandler WM, Paracchini S, Morris AP, Ring SM, Talcott JB, Stein J, and Monaco AP. (2011) PCSK6 is associated with handedness in individuals with dyslexia. Human Molecular Genetics, 20:608-614 §Equal contribution
Dennis MY, Paracchini S, Scerri TS, Prokunina-Olsson L, Knight JC, Wade-Martins R, Coggill P, Beck S, Green ED, and Monaco AP. (2009) A Common Variant Associated with Dyslexia Reduces Expression of the KIAA0319 Gene. PLoS Genetics, 5(3):e1000436.
Paracchini S, Steer CD, Buckingham L-L, P. Morris AP, Ring S, Scerri T, Stein J, Pembrey ME, Ragoussis J, Golding J, and Monaco AP. (2008) The KIAA0319 dyslexia susceptibility gene is associated with reading skills in the general population. American Journal of Psychiatry, 12:1576-84.
Paracchini S, Scerri T, and Monaco AP. (2007) The genetic lexicon of dyslexia. Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics. 8:57-79.