Complete works program & abstracts

EDA complete program

NB: "Italian Day”: on the third day, 20th of June, will be provided translation into Italian


Optional social program

Every day, h.8 am - 8 pm (Museo Pinacoteca San Francesco - San Marino)

  • Views of '900: EXHIBITION OF MODERN ART (works by Modigliani, Vedova, Fontana, Gentilini, Keith Harling, etc.). Ticket: 5€

June 18

h.5.45 pm (starting from the Congress Hall)

  • ARTISTIC DISCOVERY OF VISUAL ARTS IN SAN MARINO - guided by Carlos Ceci, expert in art education 

h.7.30 pm (starting from the Congress Hall)

  • SOCIAL DINNER (Emilia-Romagna tipical food) - at the restaurant "Ritrovo dei Lavoratori"

June 19

h.5.00 pm (starting from the Congress Hall)

  • GUIDED TOUR historical-touristic tour of San Marino

h.9.00 pm (Murata, ex camping tiro a volo - reachble by car or by foot; it is about two kilometers from the historical center)

  • CONCERT: Lucio Battisti Tribute (Lucio Battisti .1943-1988. is one of the most iconic pop singers of Italian music of the 70's; his music and his lyrics futuristic for those years are still an example of modernity. Whatch him on YouTube)

Infoes: tel. 378.0549.991721

June 21, h.9 am - 7 pm  (Borgo Maggiore - reachable by cableway)



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