Learning can be hard. Is the school inspiring or restraining?


San Marino, september 19-20/ 2014


A confrontation with the Italian law no. 170 for the right to education defense of learners with dyslexia was and is still very strong. Although there are positive responses, which see didactics changes, rejection attitudes prevail and dyslexic students often cannot find useful solutions to their problems.


The recognition of the rights indicated by the Italian law no. 170 are sometimes seen just as a mean to exclude dyslexic students, to build up a sympathetic, defeatist or even punishing educational path, which humiliates students’ feelings and sensibility. The granted pass mark always sounds as a message of incompetence and inappropriateness which does not take into account learning diversity as a personal enrichment.

However, in spite of this law school is still a risk factor for dyslexics.

During this convention some "friendly-school" experiences will be presented. These experiences will show that the possibility to build a learning community really exists. A community where everyone can find his own dimension, without giving up or staying in a corner. Learning is growing, and therefore, it is a everybody’s right.    




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 Convegno Dislessia 2014


Learning can be difficult, but the school helps or hampers?

september 19 -20 /2014 


september 19/ 2014 - AM

Chair: Giacomo Stella

9,00 a.m. Address to the authorities and keynote lecture

9,30 a.m. Annette Karmiloff-Smith

Come vengono acquisite le abilità

e il loro rapporto con i concetti

10,30 a.m. Coffee break

11,00 a.m. Pòl Ghesquière

Deficit di elaborazione uditiva e di

percezione linguistica nella dislessia:

le evidenze comportamentali e neurali

11,45 a.m. Giacomo Stella

The Representative Re-description model for the understanding of the learning difficulty disorders.

12,30 Paolo Onorati

Neural plasticity. Myths and legends

1,15 p.m. Lunch break


september 19/2014 - PM

2,30 p.m. Francesco Benso

Workshop Moderator

3,00 p.m. Angela Fawcett

Il deficit procedurale è rieducabile?

3,30 p.m. Luisa Lopez e Elena Flaugnacco

Music effectiveness as rehabilitative instrument in dyslexia: the ReMus project

4,00 p.m. Concetto Campo

The Tomatis Method

4,30 p.m. Gioacchino Aiello, Silvia Merati,

Giulia Toti, Iacopo Aiello

Limits and advantages of the cognitive rehabilitation via web: an Italian experience.

5,00 p.m. Chiara Pecini

Reading disorder. Can it be treated?

5,30 p.m. Alberto Bonfè, Maria Rita Michelotti,

Vilma Pasolini, Riccardo Venturini,

Claudia Volpinari

Discovering to suffer from learning difficulties at Year 1 and Year 7. A comparison of two realities.

september 20 /2014- AM

Chair: Roberta Caldin

9,00 a.m. Franco Botticelli

Dyslexia Quality Mark project: to get a new school

9,30 a.m. Enrico Ghidoni

Dyslexic students: conditions in Italian and European schools

10,00 a.m. Cristiano Termine

PDP measures and instruments don’t work…. Could he be a dyslexic?

10,30 a.m. Marco Orsi

Project: “at school without rucksack”

11,00 Coffee break

11,30 a.m. Claudio Marchesano

Maths.… backwards

11,55 a.m. Daniela Gallo, Chiara Tintoni

Dyslexic child in class: what to do?

12,20 Mario Menghi e Cristina Giacomini

How to run after-school activities for dyslexic children

12, 45 Luciana Ventriglia

Useless didactics

1,15 p.m. Lunch break


september 20/2014 - PM

2,30 p.m. Maria Tallandini

Workshop Moderator

3,00 p.m. Roberta Penge

Project: “It’s never too soon”

3,30 p.m. Maristella Scorza

Spillo Maths Tests

4,00 p.m. Barbara Fioravanti, Stefano Franceschi,

Enrico Savelli

Speed Test

4,30 p.m. Roberta Caldin

Distinguished Lecture

Being able to play chess in a world of chessplayers: the educational challenge

5,00 p.m.Closing works


How to apply

Poster Session

During the convention some poster sessions will be organized. Participants wishing to present a poster are kindly requested to contact no later than August 31, 2014: ms.ssi@efnob.otrebla‎ / tel. 0549.883398


The conference will take place at:

Centro Congressi Kursaal
V.le J.F.Kennedy, 17
47890 Repubblica di San Marino
(parking n° 3)
Tel. 0549 888040

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