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The research project "Challenges to democracy and social life in European small states" developed by CRRI together with seven other research institutions in Europe has won one of the calls of Erasmus Plus, the European programme for education, training, youth and sport funded by the European Commission.

For the first time in history, a San Marino institution is accessing the European Union's system of strategic cooperation and financing.

Thanks to a fund of about 380 thousand euros that will be partly allocated to the University of San Marino, the initiative will involve a work of support and dissemination of knowledge of small states in the context of the European Union in different social and cultural fields, involving for three years (2018-2021) the Research Centre for International Relations of the University of San Marino together with Liechtenstein-Institut, Sihtasutus Poliitikauuringute Keskus Praxis Tallinn, University of Iceland, Universite Du Luxembourg, Universita Ta Malta, Universitat d'Andorra, University of Montenegro, University of Nicosia.

San Marino Research Team

Sebastiano Bastianelli – Social policy and Assistance
Mario Catani – Social policy and Assistance
Michele Chiaruzzi – European Integration and International Relations
Elena D’Amelio – Citizen’s participation
Patrizia Di Luca – Citizenship, Refugees and Migration
Luca Gorgolini – Citizenship, Refugees and Migration
Marcello Forcellini – Economic Development  and Regional Cooperation
Pietro Renzi – Digitalization of Public Sector and E-Governance
Edoardo Rossi – European Integration and International Relations
Arianna Serra – Citizenship, Refugees and Migration
Karen Venturini – Economic Development  and Regional Cooperation
Lino Zonzini – European Integration and International Relations 

Progression of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership International Meetings

Liechtenstein Institute, Bendern (8-9 November 2018)
Presentation of project partners and countries

Valletta Campus of the University of Malta, Valletta (4-5 April 2019)
Citizenship, Refugees and Migration

University of Iceland, Reykjavík (20-21 June 2019)
European Integration, Security and Defence 

University of Cyprus, Nicosia (18-19 October 2019)
International Relations, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Universitéit vu Lëtzebuerg, Belval (26-27 March 2020 - cancelled Covid-19)
Economic Development and Regional Cooperation  

Univerzitet Crne Gore, Kotor (28-29 May 2020 - cancelled Covid-19)
Challenges to Democracy and Social Policy

Tallin University (27-28 November 2020 - cancelled Covid-19)
Digitalisation in the Public Sector 

Erasmus Plus San Marino

1 | 2018-2021 Poster E+ SM
presentazione della ricerca del progetto europeo
a cura di Patrizia Di Luca | Luca Gorgolini | Arianna Serra
8 maggio 2019, 17:00,
CRRI-Contrada Omerelli 24 | 47890 | SM


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