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The Research Centre for International Relations (CRRI) focuses on research and teaching activities concerning international relations as a field of interdisciplinary knowledge and social action (Law 25 April 2014, articles 2-18). It also coordinates the international affairs of the University through the Office of International Affairs. It was established on 23 July 2015 (Rectoral Decree 20/2015). On 7 September 2016 it has instituted the Punto Europa San Marino, in collaboration with the Forli' Europe Direct - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, and with the Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna, hosted by the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region. On 22 June 2018, for the first time in the history of San Marino and the European Union, the University of San Marino - thanks to the CRRI - won a European Erasmus Plus call for proposals financed by the European Commission and assigned to the C2ESS Project carried out by the CRRI together with seven other European universities in the field of innovation.

The process that in this century leads San Marino to a new international collocation, especially in the European context, is crucial and highly complex. This process, of historical significance, has a perhaps unparalleled impact on the life of San Marino people, regardless of formal data.For this reason, in January 2015 the  Consiglio Grande e Generale (San Marino Parliament) decided to verify "the possibility of creating, in collaboration with the University, a Permanent Study Centre".  Subsequently, the Congress of State indicated as necessary "to identify, through the university, appropriate initiatives" to address the urgent and growing interest in San Marino.

The Research Centre for International Relations (CRRI) implements these objectives. It aims to produce a research and training team in San Marino to support this commitment in the long term, with the collaboration of experts and scholars.

The Centre has a flexible, multidisciplinary and interdepartmental structure, directed by a scientific director from San Marino. Its institution is a coordination point for those who, in the territory or abroad, are committed to the study of the external relations of San Marino, especially in the European context, or have useful knowledge to contribute to the study and research work on international relations.

It is a fact that San Marino sovereignty must be constantly understood and reinterpreted in its current meaning. This concerns a mission for which the Centre places itself at the service.

The CRRI is therefore oriented, in accordance with available resources, to perform in particular four main functions in related but distinct areas:

I. Scientific research

II. Education and teaching

III. Processing and analysis

IV. International and European projects