Ateneo ENG

Department of Economics, Science, and Law

The Department of Economics, Science and Law promotes teaching and research activities in the fields of engineering, economics, design, medical and legal sciences and sports management. The Department focuses on applied research to innovations in technology and management and its impact on economy and society. DESD offers three undergraduate programs: Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, and Management Engineering. DESD also offers Master’s degrees in Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Geriatric Medicine; Criminology, Food Science, and Sport Management.

Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities promotes and coordinates teaching and research activities in the education and communication areas. 

DSU offers several specializations and Master’s degrees, among them the Master in Communication, Management, and New Media, and the Master in Pedagogy for Learning Disorders. 

Department of History

The Department of History, Culture and History of San Marino focuses on cultural and historical studies, and on San Marino historical tradition.

DSS is also the home of the Advanced School of Historical Studies, which hosts a Graduate School (Ph.D.) in History; the San Marino Center of Historical Studies; the Emigrant Museum.