Incoming students


Prospective Students

If you have not already been accepted into a UNIRSM program, please contact the Student Office.

The Office for International Services is not a part of the admissions process, and we are not able to assist students regarding visa and immigration issues until after they have been admitted to the University.

Incoming Students

Regulations for receiving the Residence Permit for Study Purposes for Students arriving from Schengen and non-Schengen areas:

  1. Upon arrival in San Marino, students must present themselves to the Ufficio Stranieri. Upon presentation of the required documents, the Ufficio Stranieri will issue a Residence Permit for Study Purposes (Permesso di soggiorno speciale per motivi di istruzione) for the duration of the stay, the length of which is to be stated by the UNIRSM International Mobility Program.  For the required documents, please see below.
  2. The students must always carry with them their official Residence Permit and a copy of their official certificate of enrollment
    NB. Non-EU students should be made aware that the residence permit issued by the Gendarmeria ensures that they can live in San Marino for the established period of time, but does NOT allow for transit through EU countries during the stay. At the end of the term, when returning through Italy to their home country, the students will need to submit the documents listed above to the border control as proof of their stay in San Marino (instead of the Schengen area).


All students from countries inside and outside of the Schengen areas will have to apply for a Residence Permit for Study Purposes directly with RSM’s Gendarmeria – (Ufficio Stranieri Foreign Office - 0549/888896) providing the following documents:

  • Copy of identity document and / or passport (plus the original as proof)
  • Certificate of enrollment at UNIRSM
  • Number 4 passport photo card in ICAO format 
  • Certificate of evidence of any pending proceedings or pending charges, or lack thereof. This certificate has to be issued by the appropriate agency in your home country prior to arrival in RSM [the certificate has to be issued no earlier than 6 months prior to arrival in RSM]. If the certificate is not in Italian, it has to be translated and certified by a notary.  
  • Prove of private health care insurance with a minimum annual coverage of € 30,000 that is valid within RSM
  • Copy of a duly registered lease or other suitable title to prove accommodation in RSM

Necessary fees are 50 euro for the application and 30 Euro for the Residence Permit.

Please contact the International Office if you need more information: ms.msrinu@lanoitanretni