Master Perioperative Geriatric Medicine 2021-2022

Medicina Perioperatoria dell'anziano




The University of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Roma), establishes for the academic year 2021/2022 the second-level University Master in Perioperative Medicine of the Elderly

Demographic changes and the consequent expansion in the number of older patients who need surgical care have induced a growing need of specific education among surgeons and anaesthetists. At the same time geriatricians, whose competences are more and more frequently enrolled in preoperative assessment and preparation to surgery, may be not familiar with the pathophysiology of surgical aggression and principles of perioperative medicine. At the same time, nurses education is not rotinely extended to geriatric care, mostly in the field of surgery.

Attending this course will allow to obtain high-quality public policy objectives, such as:

  • preventing and reducing age-related postoperative complications, with reduced hospital stay, improved outcome and increased patient satisfaction
  • reducing cost associated with in-hospital and after-discharge care of geriatric surgical patients, including admission rates to nursing homes or institutionalization after surgery
  • offering an innovative, team-based education to be shared among anaesthetists, surgeons, geriatricians and nurses, as mandated by principles of interdisciplinarity, team-based approach, patient-centered care, comprehensiveness and olistic approach.


Providing a multispecialty, multidisciplinary education on Perioperative Geriatric Medicine, in the light of the datum that geriatric surgical patients represent more than 40% of the global surgical population and in accordance with educational standards adopted at University level in advanced countries.

The cours is aimed to offer:

  • basal knowledge of geriatric medicine (aging processes, impact of aging on healthcare systems, epidemilogical aspects, Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, functional status, frailty, risk of falls, associated conditions, poly-pathology and poly-medication, principles of medication reconciliation and safe perioperative deprescrbing
  • specific knowledge about the elderly surgical patient; decision-making strategies; preoperative assessment; patient information, education and empowerment; preparation to surgery
  • advanced knowledge on intraoperative management; endocrine and metabolic stress response to surgery in the elderly; principles of safety in the operating room applied to the elderly patient; surgical and anesthaesiological techniques; postoperative triage
  • specific knowledge about postoperative recovery (ERAS and fast-track surgery); impact of prolonged bed resting and perioperative malnutrition
  • discharge planning and organization; care transition and continuity of care
  • basal knowledge on perioperative management, with special focus on quality assurance, cost/effectiveness, patient satisfaction and clinical risk management.

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