Design (undergraduate degree)

Ateneo ENG

The undergraduate program in Design is characterized by some specific features.

A small and selected number of students (one hundred each year) are admitted to the program to ensure a high level of attention to the students’ body and a close relationship between teachers and students.

Academic subjects are divided into theoretical classes — of great importance for an indispensable cultural and scientific academic education — technical classes, and design labs.

The labs are open to up to fifty students and are mostly led by designers working at the highest levels in the professional world. They are also characterized by an approach that combines theoretical knowledge with research and experimentation.

During the three years of the program, students participate in labs that focus on product, visual, and multimedia design; students in their third year can also specialize in the area of product or graphic design and graduate with a thesis, always with the support of their designated teachers. After graduating in Design, students can choose to work in the professional field or to continue their graduate studies in San Marino, Italy, and abroad.


I year
First term Second term

Design drawing Lab

Communication Design Lab 1

2d Digital Representation

Product Design Lab 1

Geometry for design

3d Digital Representation

English for design

History of Visual Communication

History of Industrial Design

History and Basics of Photography

Model Making for Design

History of Contemporary Architecture

II year
First term Second term

Communication Design Lab 2

Product Design Lab 2

Web and Multimedia Design Lab

Materials technology for design

Video and Multimedia Lab

Methods and processes of industrial production

Semiotics for design

Products and Projects Financial Feasibility 

History of Contemporary Art

Applied Physics for design

III year
First term Second term

Communication Design Lab 3


Communication Design Lab 4


Product Design Lab 3


Product Design Lab 4


Design and Communication management


Theories of Contemporary Design Studies