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The University Library (open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am-6 pm; Friday 8:30 am-2 pm) has, at the moment, 30,000 volumes and more than 500 journals, all of which are computerized. Il provides personalized assistance to the public, offering the possibility to consult national and international catalogues on the Internet or through CD-ROMS.

The Library is endowed with important Funds, like the Young Fund, related to memory, and the Ruggiero Romano Fund, that is particularly important for the study of modern history. The Young Fund is one of today’s richest collections of books, articles and memorabilia on memory featuring an “ancient” section with about 200 books that were printed up to the XVIII century (among which there are 11 incunables), a manuscript of the XV century (Petrus de Rosenheim), some more recent ones and finally the catalogue of the ancient section of the Young Fund with files created by Paolo Pampaloni and an introduction by Umberto Eco.
The Ruggiero Romano Fund has some volumes and journals that make up a significant part of the Ruggiero Romano Library and trace the intellectual itinerary of one of the most eminent figures of the School of the “Annales”. The core of the collection is a group of books on economic history, but the wide range of interests of the scholar who, in some decades, created it is reflected in the great variety of disciplines here represented, from those that only recently have been considered by historical research, like anthropology, to the more traditional political and economic history.

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