USMARDAIO - Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies

Usmaradio | Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia

CRIR is a work and research place to develop innovative pedagogies and radio research. With this Centre, the University of the Republic of San Marino stands at the forefront of international radio practice and of its pedagogies based on a permanent relationship between theory and practice.

Usmaradio further expands its activities thanks to CRIR by drawing three macro areas of work:

  • CRIR Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies (research)
  • Usmaradio (production)
  • The School of Radio / Scuola di Radiofonia (didactics)

Radiophonic cultures that move between:

  • media studies (the studio as a laboratory),
  • cultural techniques (the radio as a laboratory)
  • musicology (the radio composition)
  • electroacoustic composition (composing the radio, tuning the composition)

Theory and practice: sound art, podcasting, radio art, transmission arts, soundscape, broadcasting technologies, radio as a place of performance, live radio, relationship between image and sound, media design, electronic music studies at radio stations, contemporary art, radio journalism, community radio. 

Researchers, students and professor work together to experiment and create a meeting place for people of all disciplines where art, science and nature are intertwined in daily practice. This is together with artists, scientists, activists, researchers and scholars from every discipline with a focus on gender identity and minorities.

Usmaradio - CRIR works on the invention of possible professions around the radio universe. Radiophony as a fluid meeting place of disciplines, languages and techniques to deal with the mediascape of the present where it is now essential to create communities and places of relationship (physical and immaterial, analog and digital) around the common work.

In the historical moment in which radio is moving more and more towards digital, frequencies that can be used for non-commercial and educational purposes are being freed up. One of the intentions of CRIR is the possibility of access to an FM frequency (and perhaps to an AM frequency) in order to broadcast and do research in the air. FM for Culture and Community.

Usmaradio supports and integrates the Creative Commons licenses and the open source philosophy.