Curricular internship or similar activity

In the third year, the student must carry out a curricular internship, or an experience aimed at completing the university education, by carrying out activities in internal or external structures of the University, in RSM, in Italy or abroad.

The duration of the internship is equal to 3 credits, i.e. 360 hours of activity, as foreseen in the educational plan of the course of study.

The curricular internship can be carried out internally at the University (internal internship) or externally in public or private bodies, at the student's choice, subject to approval by the Academic Coordinator for Internships.

  • Internal curricular internship
    The internal internship is a training activity aimed at preparing the degree thesis, on the basis of a project agreed with the supervisor, to be carried out in departments, laboratories or administrative structures of the University, conducted in collaboration with universities and international research institutes. The trainee must request the specific form for the traineeship application via email from the Academic Coordinator for Traineeships.
  • External curricular internship
    The intern must request the specific form for the internship application via email from the Academic Coordinator for Internships and deliver it at least one month before the presumed internship start date. Once the characteristics of the internship have been agreed between the host company and the trainee, the contact person will contact the host company to start the procedure which will be managed through the Esse3 management system. It will be the student who will have to find a place to carry out the internship he will have to agree on the objectives, modalities and times of the internship with the person in charge of that reality. However, it is recommended to link the training project of the internship to the three-year degree thesis.

The student who intends to apply for the recognition of credits from internship must download the attached form, fill it in and deliver it, duly signed, to the Student Secretariat. The deadline for submitting requests is 31/10 of each year. For more information, contact the Internships Coordinator.

It must be completed and handed in at the end of the internship to the Student Secretariat

For the recognition of the internship activity, the student must complete the form for the request for training credits at the end of the internship and send it signed to the Student Secretariat


Academic Referent

Prof. Maria Belen Giacomone


phone: +378 0549 888111 | +39 3371225057