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Franco Carli

Profilo biografico

Francesco Carli, MD, MPhil, FRCA, FRCPC

Academic Profile

  • Professor of Anesthesia at McGill University and Associate Professor in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University.
  • Previously Wesley Bourne Professor and Chairman of the McGill Department of Anesthesia (1994-2004)
  • Gold Medal, Canadian Anesthesiologists Society, 2012
  • Invited member of the American Academy of Anesthesiology
  • Board Member of the International Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Society
  • President American Prehabilitation Society
  • President of the Peri-Operative Program (POP) Charitable Foundation


  • Completed his medical training and anesthesia training in Turin, Italy, Paris, France and London, England.
  • Completed a Master in Surgical Metabolism at the University of London, England
  • Served as volunteer physician/educator at the Medical College of Monrovia (Liberia) (1974-1977), at Centre-Hopitalo Universitaire de Kigaly (Rwanda) (2006-2018).


Author of over 250 peer-review scientific articles and recipient of over 50 peer and non peer-review grants.

Interessi di ricerca

  1. Metabolic changes associated with surgery and the impact of perioperative interventions (regional analgesia, nutrition, hormones, exercise) on postoperative recovery;
  2. Evaluation of functional outcome measures during the surgical recovery process;
  3. Prehabilitation of surgical patients.